Let's Pray For Our World/Texas

This tragedy in Texas is so Heartbreaking. Looking at the pics of those young beautiful children is devastating. I will never ever understand crimes like this. Two beautiful teachers trying to protect their children like any mother would do, lose their lives. A husband then has a heart attack because he can’t live without his wife. It never ends. Then you have the pathetic media spilling out fake news, and turning it into a Political battle. Dear God, 19 babies died because a young mentally disturbed boy needed help. There is so much wrong with all of this from the drug addict mom and so on. We must protect our children. I know this happens all over the world everyday, and trust me, I pray for all of you every day. God will be knocking on our doors soon. We need him more than ever right now. Sorry, but this really upsets me. I hope it upsets everyone!!!


Deeply saddened by the news of the murder of the innocent Children in Texas.
My Sincere Condolences to all of the Families and Victims,
I to will be praying for all of you.

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A couple of days ago I saw an online article showing pictures of each of the 21 victims accompanied with a little background story for each of the victims. I’m still saddened by the article and really don’t understand why these things are happening and their frequency.

And, the politicians who can make changes DON’T do anything!!


I am very sad this have to happend! My thoughts for the families and all! No words!! Happends in sweden too! We have to change! No child shall never be killed no one! Its so much bad mental health and they need help,we have to see it in time,its so sad in all We have to help from the beginning,we have to stop failing that our young ones die,we must change!!




Sue, in response to “these things are happening all over the world” the truth is, they are not. “These things” e.g. mass murders with military assault weapons by angry men, happen only in America. Because when they happened in Scotland and Australia those countries took extraordinary measures to ban assault weapons and control access to guns. As Canada intends to do now. As most civilized countries have already done. Every country in the world has mental health issues. Every country has violent video games. But only in the United States can an 18-year old legally purchase an AK-47 with no background check and no waiting period. We will continue to slaughter children in this country as long as politicians know that the financial support of the NRA is more important than the well-intentioned “thoughts and prayers” of people who are somehow still shocked that this happens. Of course it still happens. It will continue to happen until the laws change. America has accepted that the killing of innocents in schools, supermarkets, places of worship and any other public place is a reasonable price to pay for the “right to bear arms” by anyone, anywhere and for any reason. That’s not a constitutional right, by the way. Some people just LOVE guns and are terrified that even reasonable measures enacted to control access to them will affect their ability to buy them. If you want to make a difference make sure you vote for candidates in your state who support universal background checks and red flag laws at a minimum. And if you have one running that is willing to oppose the sale of assault weapons in your state or nationally, work for their campaigns or send them a check! If we don’t change our laws, we have NO right to pretend to care about the deaths of these kids.


There is new legislation before the House Judiciary Committee that is being introduced on Thursday June 2nd 2022 So we shall see :pray:t2:. It’s call the “ Protecting our Kids Act “. Here are the highlights.

The bill would raise the lawful age to purchase a semiautomatic centerfire rifle from 18 to 21 years old, establish new federal offenses for gun trafficking and for selling large-capacity magazines, and allow local governments to compensate individuals who surrender such magazines through a buyback program, according to a person involved in the matter.

It would also establish a new tax credit for the sale of safe storage devices and a criminal penalty for breaking new requirements on the storage of firearms on residential premises.
The package, known as the “Protecting our Kids Act”


Emotions will obviously run high on this topic, but please keep this to your thoughts and prayers for the families and do not let it stray into a political discussion.
Thank you all.


Prayers aint gonna cut it!


Grapevine - this is a political discussion by it’s very nature. Because politics in America caused it and only politics can change it. Some of us have run out of thoughts and prayers. We’re drained. If laws aren’t changed, outcomes won’t change. The last 12 years since Sandy Hook have proven that.


We know that prayers alone isn’t going to solve the problem. What ( grapevine) is saying is to keep political discussion of any kind off the forum as we always do. :pray:t2::heart:


Just want to say that my remark about things happening in the world was NOT just about guns. I meant anyway they suffer whether it be covid, diseases, communism, war, etc.


Pray for a massive revival!!!

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Thanks for your timely comment Grapevine.

I noticed that a thread regarding Ukraine recently got deleted in its entireity because of the “non-political” nature of this forum.

I think that, in the interests of equal treatment, this thread (and any related discussions) should just be deleted as well.

I fail to understand how a discussion regarding Ukraine is different to yet another school shooting in the USA … except that school shootings, mall shootings, hospital shootings and so on in the USA happen far more frequently than unprovoked attacks on Ukraine.

There is no way to remove political beliefs from these discussions.

Very kind regards,

Sue started this thread as she, any many others, felt their need to express their grief and sorrow for the events which occurred in Texas and also for those who were suffering throughout the World. As long as this topic remains true to her intentions it will stay, as I understand the need to express sorrow.
However, any posts which try to turn this into a political discussion will be removed as we wish to keep politics away from the forum.


Thanks Sue - I understand. Part of the issue now is with hundreds of these shootings in this country every year more and more of us are personally affected because we know people who are dealing with the deaths of loved ones or who have never recovered from the loss of a murdered child or sibling or were a first responder to these horrific scenes or were health care workers or social workers or teachers trying to cope with the aftermath. The net of destruction these events have caused and are causing in the United States grows ever larger and ever deeper into our society.


There is a lot we humans need to change! My thoughts are always for the victims who are innocently affected by these horrors! Always hurts in my heart! There is talk about weapons that it is easy to get a weapon in the US, but if it is said that in Sweden, weapons are banned, but young people still die here very often in shootings! Of course the problem is the weapons but the basic thing is how our society works! We must see the problems, reduce the gaps between us humans! How do we do that? I’m just a simple person who loves poker, nature and animals and sees all the evil in the world! It hurts!! Like today when a person drove into a crowd in Germany, these injured children, the teacher who died and all the people who get hurt for life !! How should we proceed? We can not just blame the politicians !! Politicians are people too !! What drives us as human beings, what can you do, what can I do? Not easy!! All hatred, religion and everything !! Rich poor!! All I know is that we are all the same, equal value, me as a Swede, American or a Chinese, African or from the moon !! Of course it is not healthy to be able to buy a weapon and especially without any background check, but that is not the problem! There is always a madman, but it is we who create them, our society !! If the person got help, many horrors would never have happened! So think about, how can you change, maybe just a hello can help !! My thoughts are always for all the victims, their families, it hurts !!!


The disfunctional family unit plays a big part. Also comparing our country to small ones like Switzerland is ignoring our history and society. Condoning and supporting the violence in places like Portland and Seattle among other cities gives the illusion that kind of behavior is accepted. The psychology is complex. The quick availability of weapons needs to be addressed. But one can do damage with a baseball bat or homemade bomb. I believe Americans need to pay attention to abnormal behavior and deal with it before it turns violent. Easier said than done. Get to know your neighbors and become the answer not the question.


The CDC has announced recently that the leading cause of death of children in the US is gun violence. That is just the saddest statistic I have ever heard!! These babies are not engaging in violence, they are just being gunned down. I have worked in schools for over 30 years. We used to have fire drills, and we still do. Then they added “bomb threat” drills – where you just keep walking. Now we have drills for: shootings in the neighborhood, An active shooter on the school grounds and an intruder with a gun. It is getting a bit out of hand. Now they want to arm us with handguns. They will have to be locked up in a classroom. How many teachers will die trying to unlock guns?

I feel awful for the families that have lost children, but we need a better solution to prevent it in the future!!


Please delete this thread. The op asked for a prayer for humanity and now it’s about teachers dying while trying to unlocking guns.