Lets disccuss this BLUFF!


A crazy bluff at that!
I will tell you what I think, but first I want to hear what everyone else thinks

Ok you can pick either good BLUFF or bad!


Ah, Isildur. Hands like these, with crazy overbets and low-equity bluffs, helped form his image as a maniac. Bankroll management was an issue too, with millions won and lost in the blink of an eye. It took a few years of having his style analyzed by other pros and punished before he calmed down a bit and balanced out.

I’m assuming you’re referring his flop check-raise and 4-bet jam, but during the hand I was wondering if Munns’ 3-bet on the flop was a bluff. He’ll have so many better aces in this spot; why choose A7o for a raise here? His preflop action seemed a bit loose too.

In short, not a good bluff. Would rather have seen that play with 4c5c.


I don’t know how anyone would think it was good :slightly_smiling_face:

this bluff is just too crazy to be good! I might do it once in a while against a really good player that I play everyday all day long, other than that you are right! very stupid bluff! you got it right!!!

its good if you do it once in a while against an opponent you play every day!

yes of course bluffing is a valuable tool occasionally but I don’t think I would ever risk my tournament life on it…him shoving pre-flop might have made more since to me but it almost seemed like chip dumping after that.

Bluffs are good if they work.

A bluff is a good idea or not based on the situation and the opponent. It’s not something to do at random or for the hell of it.

The video shows one hand, without a lot of context. So it’s difficult to know whether it was a good idea or not, but it was a bad bluff.

Bluffs also have utility as a way to set up an opponent to call a bigger bet from you when you have a strong hand, thinking that you’re bluffing again. You bluff successfully, show it, and then make the same play again later, only with holding the nuts. They call this time, and you get them both ways. So a bluff that looks like a bad play can be a strategic move that can pay off later.

it is a really bad bluff, because thats a bluff that will only work against really good players, lets say super deep stack 500BB