Less than 500 chips for topup

I find being left with a small amount of chips just above 500, which means I cannot top-up, is rather frustrating and tedious…I generally have to go to small stakes cash game (I really only like playing tournaments) and try to lose!
Then when I finally get below 500 I can top-up again 2500 chips and play a tournament…
Is this aggravating and frustrating system designed to make people think ‘oh to hell with it! I will buy $5 worth of chips!’?
I have bought chips in the past a few times…but I am not serious enough about play money to consider spending money on it regularly…

I think Replay is very generous letting players top-up once chips are below 500 , and you get to do that many times in a day . Other sites I have tried you get one top-up a day , good luck on the tables .


Nothing to do with my main point…but thx anyway

Then what you’re saying actually becomes a moot point so I don’t get the reason for the thread.


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Try play the freeroll games.

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My point is the way in which you are forced to play a cash game and essentially lose to be able to topup again…how is it a ‘moot point’?
The reply from ‘SharonSmarty’ seemed to totally ignore this which was infact the main point of my initial post…

Then build your bankroll and don’t worry about topping up.

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I actually didn’t ignore your main point . Replay gives 2.5 k everyday just for logging in , and then when you get below 500 chips you get to top up many times during the day , so how can you say that they designed this to get players to buy chips . Many people started here with just the 2.5 starting chips without buying any and have build up their bankroll ( including me ) so it can be done .


I said I play tournaments…pay attention…thanks
The minimum buyin for a tournament is 2.5k (or a freeroll which are few and far between with low prizes)

I think you just like trying to sound superior but you are totally missing my point and need to THINK a bit

I think you’re missing the point. Sharon took the time to answer your question to help you, and you respond with rudeness. Trying to sound superior? Pathetic, just pathetic.

I’m a tournament player too, and it was frustrating to build a deep enough bank to comfortably play the games I wanted to play. I took advantage of the first time chip buying discount and spent $20, which got me something like 600k chips. That was about 7 years ago, and was the only time I bought chips.

Maybe you should do the same? I think $20 to avoid a lot of the frustration is a good spend, and it helps the site stay alive.

If you can’t afford $20, that’s fine, but you will have to claw your way up within the system as it is.

By the way, there are SnGs down to 500 buyin.

Good luck.


Sharon took the time to point out the bleedin obvious talking down to me like I am somehow clueless about the chip system.
Thats what Sharon took the time out to do…

and thats me out of this ‘forum’
good luck being condescending to someone else