Leba64's ranking shows at the table as 102,190, but on her profile as 1,007. How can this be?

Leba64’s ranking shows at the table as 102,190, but on her profile as 1,007. How can this be?

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The ranking not have real time refresh, chips in play not count in the ranking, may the mini profile have different refresh time then the main profile. Lots of user have similar chip count from 150000 to 1000 rank, I think small chip count ( like 50k) can jump you up or down realy quick in the rank. So, if different refresh time mini and main profile, then its can be happen.

Leba64 - current rank is 1064. Our system recalculated ranking every hour, changed to every 10 minutes, so it should be better and ranking more accurate.



But why the difference? Which is the “recalculated” ranking? At the time I looked at the rankings, she had lost 200k-250k +/- chips while I was at the table.

Ranking is not instant. So currently is delayed by 10minutes. That means, every 10 minutes each player’s rank is recalculated. It was on daily basis previously, so now it should be more reflective to user’s wins/losses.

Let me jump in. So the rank value we show at the table is based on your rank when you first sit down, we don’t update it, unless you stand up and leave and sit back down. The value on the site however is now updating every 10 mins. Hence the discrepancy. Hopefully in the future we can update the mini-profile on the table to match the site and update at least every 10 mins.

Aloha Guys,

I see this is an old topic. But just played in an Eiffel Tower Ring game and noticed that the player to my right NRN had a ranking of 541,347. Had never seen a ranking that low so checked his profile and there his ranking was 6,049. That’s quite a difference! Prompts two questions for me.

He just joined in November of 2015. Does it take a certain amount of time to get a ranking?

How many players are there on replay. Is a ranking with a number that high ever valid?

Thanks. Happy New Year!

One peculiarity with the current system is that the ranking is based on chips in the bank, it means that if you take all of your chips and sit at a high stake ring table, your ranking will immediately drop like a dead weight. It would make more sense to calculate the rank based on bankroll + chips in play. Or, if that’s too much work to constantly update, then bankroll + chips taken to table, meaning that until you leave a table, your gains or losses aren’t realized for the purposes of the ranking. That way you’d avoid these huge swings when moving chips from between bankroll and the tables.

Getting back to the question you asked. I’m guessing we update the website and the game client at slightly different times, hence the discrepancy. Perhaps just before you checked the profile in question, he stood up from another ring game table and the chips were returned to his bankroll, hence his profile showed a much better ranking. But the ranking in the game table, maybe wouldn’t have updated until the next hand, or we may not even update it after they sit down, I’d have to check with the dev team. But I think we both agree the two should always match, so I’ll make a note of it now and we’ll investigate further.