Learning to Control Your Emotions in Poker

Learning to Control Your Emotions in Poker

I will be the first to admit this is an area I struggle with and I can blow a gasket when a player that should know better stays in a hand to the river after huge bets to hit a very low odds hand for a win.

I have had to learn to at least not show my real emotions in the chat box lest I get a another nasty warning from Replay about my @#^&* expletives lol!

Besides getting a warning you are not doing your health any favors by letting your emotions get out of hand and it drives up your blood pressure and can give you health issues like headaches, teeth grinding and even depression etc.

My best advice when you see your emotions are getting the best of you is to take break from poker and go do something else non-competitive but that is not always possible in the middle of a tourney so you need some quick strategies to get your emotions in check for your own health and so you can stay clear headed when making decisions on hands and betting.

Here is a good article on controlling your emotions in poker and share your own strategies and funny stories about emotional outbursts in the comments but keep it clean please.

“Emotional control is very important. You have to be able to take the beats without going on tilt. You have to be strong and know that in the long run, whoever makes the best decisions is going to win. You can’t let the effects of one hand destroy you. You have to be tough!”


thanks for sharing—I need to work on this