Learning Poker Play Money , and the value it brings to Playing with Real Money

I came to Replay Poker to Learn and to sharpen my poker playing Skills. I take the learning curve very seriously. The big difference between Replay Poker and the real Money tournament poker is that dealers in real tournaments are HONEST and do not back deal anyone. Replay Poker should once and for all put a hands off attitude in any Replay Poker ongoing games. Replay Poker should stop playing favoritism to the learning detriment of all members. Hands off please and let the play be wholesome and fun.


Accusations need evidence. I see tons of crazy hands (see the ridiculous hands thread) but for all that I still don’t have evidence of any back dealing.

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How do we get evidence except from the the last 2 tournament that I played online. I have played about 5 tournaments yesterday July 9 2019.

This happened on before the last tournament that I played. It was not a back deal but my hand was prevented from entering the game because I was

deliberately cut off with a winning hand for the particular round wherein I was holding a Suited Diamond Ace, and Jack. The next deal I was dealt

a Suited diamond 4 and 8, which was a losing hand. I do not know how you back replay check the last 2 poker play I entered. The second to the last was

a Tournament Play, this was the game I was referring to as I walked out of the game in Disgust. . The last was a Ring Poker game which was fine except

it was too slow.

I play in Replay Poker to learn and improve my skills. How can one learn when a game is being deliberately rigged against the odds.When this happens

how on earth will I as a Tournament Poker player learn and Improve my skills.I do not want to make a big deal out of this but I need to learn how to play Poker

the HONEST way to earn a living in the real money world. Thank you.


Evidence could be found in the raw data of the hand history of replay. They recently celebrated 500 million hands played. I’ve played over 40,000 hands last I checked, and that’s a lot, and I’ve seen some very strange things, but I don’t know that they’ve been outside the range of random chance. Although I suspect they may be. But only a rigorous analysis of the data would be able to convince me one way or the other. I can’t go by anecdote or feel. Those are too subjective, and deceptive.


I feel the same way too. The thing is my internet connection was good and I responded very quickly and was put out of the play. I really

dont mind losing play money. The thing I value most when playing poker is Honesty in the game and learning from past mistakes, and

a strategy to adapt to the people playing the game to formulate a winning strategy.This are things one cannot learn when you are set back by

glitches that could not be explained.I just played Freeroll (Last Play of the Morning) and I am very satisfied with the way the game was dealt.

I was too tired to continue on and just played the last three hand in a risky way so I can rest. Thank you.


Well, that’s something different from what I was thinking about. It’s true that the site could still have fairness problems even with a good RNG.

I’ve had the experience of my timer going out seemingly early on occasion, but it’s only been a handful of times over tens of thousands of hands. Usually I do perceive that the site is laggy, but on perhaps one or two hands it happened seemingly out of the blue. It could be devastating if it happened at the wrong time, but I don’t think there’s anything malicious going on with that.

It’s called a bug, deal whit it.

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Alright, I will take your word. I just hope it does not happen again. Thank you.


is this a troll? serious question