League Policies & Rules

If you’re curious about creating your own League, please take a look at the following rules and requirements. Instructions for submitting your application are also included. Thanks for your interest! :slight_smile:

Applying for a League

Any Replay Poker account holder interested in being a Principal Member (the primary contact) of a League should submit an application to support@replaypoker.com.

The application must contain:

  1. The Username of the Primary League Member. This account will be the contact point between Replay Poker and the players (members) in the League and must be an active account of the site (no pseudo identity for League contact). We recommend a second username is also provided as a back-up but this is not essential.
  2. A purpose or reason for requiring a League must be given. This must be in line with Replay Poker’s Community orientation / tone and core values.
  3. A list of at least 10 Replay poker usernames who have expressed an interest in supporting the League.
  4. A League name which must be appropriate. i.e. not offensive and non-discriminatory.
  5. A basic overview of the types of tournaments describing game types and stakes which would take place in the League and which days tournaments would run.
  6. Acceptance of the League will depend on the proposal being from a group of players without excessive moderation history and generally at least 1 month history on the site. Replay Poker must agree that the League format is a viable and healthy one.

Managing the League

  1. A Replay Poker Staff member will be nominated to be Organizer of the League.
  2. The Primary League Member will be responsible for adding or removing members, as they wish.
  3. The Replay Staff Organizer will create or edit tournaments as requested by the Primary League Member.
  4. Wherever possible the Organizer will implement the changes within 72 hours or at the very least arrange for another Replay staff member to do so.
  5. There should be no ‘side bets’ or additional prizes to those shown in the respective tournament Lobby.
  6. Only Multi Table Tournaments (MTT) are available in a League.
  7. Tournaments will be scheduled by the Organizer at times as close to the requested times as possible. Replay reserves the right to insist on a change of time(s) for any tournament(s) that are deemed to clash with scheduled tournaments in the main MTT Lobby.
  8. There cannot be any Guaranteed tournaments in a Private League, nor will Replay Poker add any additional prize funds to the tournaments.
  9. The Prize schedule for each tournament will be the default schedule, but Replay may agree to modify the Payout schedule for one or more tournaments in a well supported League.
  10. Tournaments may only be password protected with Replay staff approval.
  11. Transferring chips in lieu of winnings between accounts in non-League games to settle ‘side bets’ or fund players to participate in League events is not permitted and members found doing this are liable to be expelled from ALL Leagues and barred from entering others.
  12. Replay does not support leaderboards or promotions for Private Leagues.
  13. If it appears a League has become unused Replay may remove it, after notice of not less than 7 days.

Membership Criteria

  1. Replay Poker accounts may request membership of the League through the Primary League Member, usually by sending a Friend request through the game client.
  2. A League is Free to Play, with the only requirements to participate being memberships and adequate Play Chips to enter an event.
  3. Acceptance of an account as a League member will be at the discretion of the Primary Member.

Moderation of Leagues

  1. League members are expected to abide by the standard Replay Poker Code of Conduct while participating in the League.
  2. League members are also expected to abide by normal standards of acceptable poker play i.e. collusion, chip dumping and other forms of poor etiquette are not permitted. Disputes among League members are to be resolved by the Primary League Member. Replay Poker staff will not have any involvement in League issues.
  3. Failure by the Primary League Member or any other League members to unilaterally abide by the Replay Code of Conduct or site rules may result in the League being suspended.
  4. Players who are muted in non-League games will be muted during their participation in Leagues.
  5. Moderation taken on accounts such as chat mutes and suspension will apply to both League games and the main site, regardless of where the infraction occurred.

Thanks, Replay, for getting this together…
I’m delighted that there is a new interest in leagues and hope that this really takes off. Best of luck, Micki


Individuals may now leave any Leagues they belong to via the “League Panel” button on their profile. You no longer need to request this from support staff or the Primary League Member.


The League rules have been updated. Notably, we removed the 200 member / 7 weekly game cap. We will make future adjustments as necessary. Happy leaguing! :wink: