Leaderboard Sidebar

I have been playing on Replay for two months or so, and I have really enjoyed the action, variance in games, and meeting other people… and have amassed as much as 500k and am now down to 415k. I like playing MTTs and usually track my progress compared to the field with the sidebar of who the chip leader is, where I stand in the field, and some noteworthy chipstacks, which is usually in the top right corner. However, I logged on today to find that it would not show up, and failed to appear on multiple tournaments. Other people in the chat log confirmed that it wasn’t showing up for them, either. Was this feature removed?
Unknowing of my status in one tourney, I shoved with AJ and top pair into a bingo player who had been shoving with nothing and getting no callers the entire game. He turns over AK, dropping me from 15k to 3k with the blinds at 300/600. On tilt, I shove QJ and he flips over AK again, and the board provides no help.
The table was not full of huge stacks, and I was sitting towards the upper ranks of the leaderboard (from what I could tell) before I tried to bust the donkey. However, I was shocked to find I had been eliminated in 12th, in a tourney where the top 10 cash. I had been playing two tables at the time and could not easily refer to the leaderboard from clicking on the lobby button. I felt that more conservative play could have at least gotten me a top 5 finish.
Thus, back to my original question. Why was the leaderboard removed? It certainly affected my play in an important part of the tourney, and I do not feel that it may aid someone in cheating. Could this have been a bug while trying to update things, or was this meant to be removed?

I don’t know about this particular feature since I don’t use it anymore. I like the leader board in the lobby way more since you can track all the stacks and it updates more often. You can use it up to 2 MTT at a time, it gets complicated when you multi-table more but I’m not sure multi-tabling more than 2 MTT is a really good idea.

Would you have played your AJ against an aggro fish differently if you had known your current rank in the tourney?
Or not tilted and shoved QJo with 5BB right after?

Well, he didn’t shove immediately preflop, and if I hadn’t been so eager to bust him, I might have seen that he was attempting to slowplay a monster. I usually like to glance at the small leaderboard to confirm that I am healthy compared to the field, and I was the 3rd biggest stack before busting 2 spots from the money. The fact that I thought I was making an aggressive move to become an overwhelming chip leader about halfway through the tourney did affect my decision.
I know the lobby leaderboard updates quicker, but I’d much rather prefer the leaderboard that’s right in front of my face.

Update: The leaderboard is back, yesterday must have just been buggy. Sorry for the whole paragraph haha

I played two MTT yesterday and the feature was there as usual. It “disappears” shortly when you get re-seated but I’m guessing you’re fully aware of that and you couldn’t possibly have just been re-seated since you knew the guy had been shoving like crazy, so I really don’t know.

However I still believe the lobby overview to be much richer and interesting than this small right hand corner indication (which is nice don’t get me wrong but I like to see the structure in advance, see exactly where I stand at and so on). And it’s manageable if you resize it to multi table 2 MTT and 1 or 2 ring games, even though I prefer multi tabling only 2 MTT it’s way more comfortable.

Fair enough. That one day nothing was appearing, I had refreshed the page when I had folded a hand and came back and the leaderboard didn’t update. Guess it was just buggy.