Leader Board Malfunction

Aloha Guys,

The SnG - High Leaderboard is out of whack this morning. It went for over three hours this morning without updating. Then at about 1:15 PM (Hawaiian time) it said that it had just “updated”, but it didn’t include at least two games that I am aware of…one of which I played in and placed 5th, #592788, and one which I didn’t play in, #593720.

There is another game that I played in, #593342, in which I placed 3rd. That game ended about 15 minutes ago. The leaderboard has not updated since then, so don’t know if it will be included or not.

Leaderboard is currently showing that I’ve played in 35 games. So there are now two games that I’ve played in this morning that have yet to show up on the leaderboard.

Hope that’s helpful information.

Best, Bucksarge

Okay…a little update…Leaderboard claims that it was updated two minutes ago. But again, it did not include the second game I played in, nor the first game I played in today. So, while it claims that it has updated, it is not including at least the three games I referred to in my message above.

  Thanks.  Bucksarge

Hey Bucksarge,

Sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately, if I recall correctly, we had some issues with the leaderboards that day that we’ve since fixed. I’ve just taken a look and everything looks correct on our end; does it seem up to date to you?

Also, don’t forget to send us an email at support@replaypoker.com if you have any questions about something (as we can generally get back to you quicker there than on the forums :slight_smile: ).