Latest promotion

Anyone else doing the bingo bash promotion going on? (halloween harvest SnG)
After the first couple of games, it became apparient how to win the leader boards.
To test my assumption, i looked at a string of games from yesterday
place time points points/minute
8th 2 min 4,562 2,281
8th 4 min 4,562 1,140.5
7th 5 min 4,877 975.4
2nd 33 min 9.124 276.48
1st 22 min 12,904 586.54
2nd 47 min 9,124 194.13
7th 5 min 4,877 975.4
7th 3 min 4,877 1,625.7
3rd 39 min 7,450 191
1st 45 min 12,904 286.75
I choose to play poker, and all in all, made chips from the promotion, but had i not found the bingo style of play to be boring, I, too, could have been a contender. LOL

I played some, won it last year I think… but
Both HH and the ring promo that proceeded it…
are “marathon events”. In these style events, there
is a tendancy to be super agressive especially when
KOs are involved. Contrast that with the some of the
marathon even where folding every hand gets you
a top spot.

Just look @ the difference in how ewerthon approached
the promotion. Whereas in the ring challange he sacrificed
the LB for BB won/lost, to win the LB hands played… by
simply playing as many hrs possible & on as many tables
possible, and basically folding every hand… In the current
promotion, its more of a quantity over quality approach.
I have used this approach to win in other events so I surely
cannot blame his strategy and I even used it to boost my

As your stats point out, playing super agressive was by far
the best way to have a high pts/minute average. At the
same time it prolly got you more KOs than normal play.
Lets face it , you can’t win KOs LB if you aren’t attacking.
Plus Waidus, in SnGs … an early chiplead sometimes
allows you to run the table for KOs.

This is really no different in a MTT strategy that says :
2x-3x+++ up in the 1st 5 minutes, or move on to the
next MTT. Noone likes to slog thru a MTT while you
are shortstacked, better to play those where you have
above youor starting chips to work with.

Adopting the super agressive strategy, does have 1 drawback.
Odds are you aren’t gonna be in the black profit wise, and
will need to make back from the Leaderboards.

Doesn’t matter if its Me or ewerthon or anyone else… There
will always be players that use a strategy specifically tailored
to what the metrics are of the promotion. Whenever the event
is a “marathon event”, usually there is 1-2 ppl willing to play
what most ppl consider 24/7, and a couple more who play alot
for the top 6-7. Those 1-2 ppl are playing to Win @ all cost.

I remember this discussion in the past, I’m sure it will be in the
future too. There are also ppl that used this agression to
thier advantage, by not playing the 1st few hands untill the
agressive players canceled each other out. If you consistantly
place 5-6th and still commit very short play times, your pts/min
will also reflect that. Coastingdude and others used this very

Rather than saying 1 strategy or Promo is good/bad, its more
-the nature of the beast-, or don’t hate the player, hate the game.
I enjoy Promotions more when ultimate skill is rewarded, but I
enjoy too … some marathons, where you can just have fun and
gamble instead of playing super serious poker…

You made a lot of good points, Sassy.
I have a bad habit of ignoring any chip management, whatsoever. Basically, playing the high stakes until I’m too poor to do anything else but low stakes, or slep over to the cash tables. That;'s kinda what i was doing. The promo was filling tables faster, so that’s the one i played. I didn’t expect anything from the leader board, but did realize the easiest way to the pay-out was to double up as fast as i could. That’s why all the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 7th, 8th, 9th. Don’t think i finished 4th, 5th, or 6th, even once.
I would never dissuade any style of play, just because i don’t use it, but i am curious as to what the final net was. There’s a reason you don’t see bingo in pro tournaments, and it’s not because of what people might think.
I know it’s to Replay’s advantage for people to play a lot of games, in pursuit of leader board prizes, but i think the ones based on averages, like ‘first 20’, and monthly, are a better gauge of who’s playing best.
No idea how i won a game in 22 minutes, but i’d watch a replay of that one. :slight_smile: