Late registration

why is it on daily freeroll it wont let me register and its only been running 4 minutes. Late register button does not appear, is there a reason for this when there really isn’t that many people playing.

Hi snoop

When a tournament starts 10% extra seats are reserved for players who enter the tournament by late registration. When these 10% seats are filled up the late registration is done, when these seats are taken in 2 mins, the late registration is closed.

Few weeks ago the % is decreased from 20% to 10% reserved seats for late registration, as soon as the site is stable (no delay) the % will be increased to 20% or higher. But even then, better register on time if you know you want to play that tournament, a lot of players register in the last mins of regular time and in the first mins of the late registration time.

We’ve just now increased the reserved seats to 20%, given we’ve made big improvements on the MTT hand delays. So snoopdawg, you should have some more time now to join late.