Late Registration Time?

Late Registration Time should not be a set time but should depend on when the last dealer gets the button again after the first round of deals. That would be fair to the early registered players and no blind would be missed by the late player.

Late registration is for when you just a little too late, or if you just left (lost or won) the previous tournament.

You dont use the late registration for to evade the blinds…(i think most of the players likes to start with the low blinds in tour, you can play most hands, and there is not a player with a very big stack yet)

If you register late you missed 1 or 2 blinds, maybe 1 or 2 blind levels too, but you also missed the chance to win hands with the smallest blinds.

I’m suggesting fairness in tournament play. My suggestion would most likely reduce the late time allowed, but again possibly increase the late registration time at full 9 player tables at regular speed. Also, if all tables are full no late registration should be allowed as you would be messing with table seating early in the tournament.

You’re right Happi . I dont understand why people think that the late registration some kind of advantage!? Tournament run two hours!

You can’t trust sarkozi’s judgement, he likes to be late to tournaments and other rumored nefarious actions and shenanigans. Banning has been suggested.

It’s not a judgment, that is the question

Banning has been suggested!!!

Please. Keep up the topics

OK, If a player can’t make it to the table by the first trip of the dealer button around the table, that player should be too late.

You want less players at the table? In that you see a bigger chance for victory?

If you read my comment below, you could very well have more time to be late.


I like it I was always doing something and missing the start would have to wait hours for like game. It is a good deal for people like me.

Great, that’s exactly the reason we added it. More players = more fun, bigger prize pools.

Yes we do! Good or bad, warts and all… we always want your feedback! It’s our mission to deliver to you the best possible poker experience.

Regarding the table seating, how that works is we allocate 20% extra seating for each tourney. Once that fills up, like you suggest, we don’t allow further late registratons as it would cause problems with balancing the tables.

It’s great to receive your feedback, everyone. Please do keep posting your thoughts… we’re listening!

So, late registrations is not necessarily a fixed time?

Its the time or if the 20% free seats are used.

sarkozi is not going to like that!!