Late Registration Must Be Done Away With

I think this is more problem than idea! I really believe that late registration needs to be done away with completly! It is not fair in a number of ways. We players who register on time look at how many players there are because of a couple of reasons like me it is important to know if i have enough time to play it or not for instant it starts out with maybe 35 & next thing you know i’ve seen it go up to over90. Players actualy going out & people still registering. I have never in my life seen late registration at any tournament real or not!! Now if they want to register & sit out to come in later that is different !! At least they are paying there blinds & i have actualy saw antes start with people still coming in. People think about it!! Odds are a big part of poker & with late registration there is no way of knowing what the payout will be? i really think this is a big problem & only benifet for it is to Replay Poker?? Am really interested in player feedback

From Desperado60


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ye agree fully with desparado in the interests of fair play late registration should be done away with,

i agree however i think the time should be 1-2 min max. an issue i have with the tournys though is that you cant see the prizes til youve registered and in the game i would like to see them before so i could see whether or not its worth registering for. If replay showed the prizes before the game begins then i would totally agree with no late reg.

I disagree. The prize pool can only increase with late registrations, which is good, so prize pool size is not really an argument.

Plus, the duration of a game is largely determined by the blind schedule imho, which is total crapshoot in late game (and unfortunately way before bubble time for ITM), in particular for 6-handed MTT where tables can be as short as 3-handed at some point of the game (for example, when 9 players remain, the table balanc is 3 tables 3-handed).

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im talking about being able to see how many chips are up for grabs with the current players registered before the game begins

I would just like to see what ill get before i decide to register

My opinion: In your “seat” when the first card is dealt, or forfeit your buyin to the prize pool. Also, no ‘sit out this hand’ button for tourneys. Wait for the break or piss your pants…ther’s your option. Played in live charity tourneys…that’s how it was done.

I realize that this problem has been brought up before but it seems like it was sort of hid away where nobody sees it & when i try to tell them where it is they still can’t find it!! I do not think that Replay wants to know how many people are really tired of this late registration for a number of reasons. It is totally unfair to the people who register on time-#1there is no way possible to know if you have enough time to play the tourney for example i started a game with 28 players registered & by the time your late registration was over it climbed to 93 players?? #2 for up to 20 minutes in some cases where on time players are paying blinds the late people are not & actually in some cases they wait until the last minute to get in ?? #3 players actually getting knocked out of tourney & people still regeristing ?? I believe if you would put this problem out there where players can see it you would be surprised at the responses you would get ! There should be NO late registration at all but if for some UNKNOWN reason for it at most 5 minutes & still think that is not right! I have never heard of late registration in the WPT-WSOP-or any other tournament. You may come to your seat late but your blinds are being taken out as should be. You give people a chance to unregister so i do not see why there is a problem with registering on time !! One suggestion to solve this would be to add on more muti table tourneys It would give players more of a chance to get in one on time!! I am sure they would fill with no problem. This needs to be put out there where players can see this not hidden where most of the players have never heard of community forum !! I talk to alot of players daily & you would be surprised at the response you will get if you would only put it out there for them to see !! WISHING THAT THIS IS TAKEN SERIOUSLY THANK YOU Desperado 60

Late registration is a very common feature for online multi table poker tournaments (on some other sites 1 to 2 hours is not unusual). The buy-ins (from players registered in regular time and by late registration) increases the prize pool and increases the number of pay-outs. A high prize pool makes it attractive for most of the tournament players to play multi table tournaments.

Before the tournament starts, players can see how long the late registration is open. Some players choose to enter in the last minute. It is a choice you can make.

And yes, it can happen that players, who registered in regular time, are out already before the late registration is done.

Not see why that is not fair, these players lost hands. To climb up in a tourney you must win hands, from players who start from the beginning and having a bigger or lower stack or from player who came in by late registration.

I fear more the players using their big stack to steal the blinds and have tournament chips enough in the game to make big bets than players who comes in by late registration with an avarage (beginning) stack.

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Players who register late should not start with a full stack. Their stack should be reduced by the blinds they are missing on purpose due to their lack of respect for the starting times published and for the players who register on time.

Once again i do not understand why this subject is where hardly anybody will see it but older resolved issues are still out front. There has to be a way to put it out there where players can see it !!! As far as a reasonable answer about late registration raising the prize pool up is nothing but an excuse on Replays part !! As for the responce that you can see how long the late registration is tells us next to nothing? The amount of late people registrating can be from 1 or 61 !! How does that help in having any idea how long the tournament will last?? We are talking about MTT not ring games.I am sorry & i do have respect for Replay as a site in many ways but once again just have the feeling that the only reason for late registration is for Replay’s benefit but the players lose out in the long run!! Just because this is a on line free chip site is not the answer.I would rather things to be more like real poker tournaments are!! Have never saw any real tournament that let a player come in 20 minutes late & sit down to play with the same stack as the players who have already been paying blinds??Why not have more tournaments-do away with late registration & i am quite sure that they would fill with enough players !! At the very least make the unesasery late registration a reasonable 3 to5 minutes tops. I do not want to sound unreasonable but it is no fun to enter a tournament 1 minute before the start and there is 31 players reistered so you think yeah i have plenty of time to play this and than before the late registration is over there is 94 players and i end up having to go before the game is over !! VERY FRUSTRATING TO SAY THE LEAST!!! PUT IT OUT THERE AND SEE A REAL RESPONSE

To be fair, players wanted and asked the late registration.Also, if you think about it as user support side, if late reg used by lots of user, RP have to go with it as the main point give support the users who in bigger number. You have to take this consideration. Repeat yourself wont go anywhere. Any idea how to relax this may do. Example, pay extra for it,… tours without late reg…, or limiting players to a set amount % late reg based on they played tour in each month or so. Dont take it wrong, I dont like this “future”. One way to bust this , if all people sign up late reg… :slight_smile: You have to see the favour go to the bigger number players aka to the 60 user who sign up late, against to the 30 who sign up regular. The odds is against you and nothing RP can do. I believe , users use this because they cant wait… they want instant play, and late reg just do this to them…

Here is one idea. In the case of late reg, user pay for every minute a extra % of the buy in. say 3 min late, 3% 20 min late 20%

This extra fee would divide two and put forward to freerolls twice in each month. This tours would be allow sign up only who never late in that month.


I don’t understand the late registration option either for the reasons already pointed out.

I just want to know what is the downside of not having late registration?

Please, somebody, anybody, help me out here.

The downside is less players. The whole point of MTT is precisely having a large field size.

no late registration will help for the monthly leaderbord


The starting time is already posted well in advance and you can register in advance.

If players want to join why can’t they be there on time?

And who wants a larger field AFTER the tourney has started?

I sure don’t.

I want the number of players that are registered at the start of the tourney.

I think the best solution is either no late registration or if you allow it, their stack starts minus all blinds that have circled the table…think someone else mentioned that and its a good solution which will reduce the number of late players and make it fair if they register late by not giving them a larger stack than players already playing.

The players you are afraid of losing may very well be offset by more players willing to play since there is no late registration. Might just be a wash…players lost equal players gained with a much more fair and time predictable tourney.

I am sure you did have a lot of players wanting late registration, of course…its an unfair advantage over those who have already started…geez, go figure.

Desperado60 wrote: “I have never in my life seen late registration at any tournament real or not”.

Let’s see for example EPT/PCA 2015 (European Poker Tour /Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure):

According to the structures downloadable via the pdf links on this page:

  • the $100,000 NLH Super High Roller has late registration until day-2 with full stack and unlimited $100,000 re-entry with full stack until day-2 too for early busted players.

  • the $10,300 NLH Main Event has late registration until day-2 but no re-entry for busted players.

While it is obviously true that the tourney time increases with the field size, it does not increase dramatically. According to, a typical tournament is expected to end with the killer blinds, that is, when the sum of blinds and antes at heads-up are anywhere between 5% and 10% of the total chips in play.

After observing a small sample of MTTs with various structures and number of entrants at, I would say the 5% rule is a close upper bound for the killer blinds on this site. Also, it looks like the observed ending level for N players is not too far from 2*log2(N), at least on the sample I observed, that is:

  • for about 32 players= Level #10= 2log2(32)= 25, * for up to 64 players= Level #12= 2log2(64)= 26, * for up to 128 players= Level #14= 2log2(128)= 27, * for up to 256 players= Level #16= 2log2(256)= 28. The logarithmic function is a very slow increasing function, as it increases only by 1 when the argument is doubling.

You should always prepare yourself for a field of about 100 players and an expected conclusion at level #13, with usual range from 50 to 150 players (from level #11 to Level #15). This way, your error for the estimate of the killer level should usually be about -/+2 levels, that is about: * -/+12 minutes for 6 min-long levels, * -/+16 minutes for 8 min-long levels, * -/+20 minutes for 10 min-long levels. (However Omaha hi/lo is prolly more resilient to killer blinds than Holdem and Omaha due to frequent hi/lo splits in heads-up…)


Here is a sample of observed MTTs with various structures, sorted by increasing field size. We can check that we are never far from the 5%-rule estimate for killer blinds, nor the 2*log(N) estimate for killer level:

*** Omaha Classic #291659, 18 Dec 2014: 31 entrants * 2000 chips = 62000 total chips. Expected killer blinds= 3100 according to the 5% rule. Level #10 blinds= 4.11% of chips at 2550 (=750+1500+2150). Level #11 blinds= 5.48% of chips at 3400 (=1000+2000+2200). Game ended at Level #11 vs expected kill at Levels #10~11.

*** Catch High Low #302629, 7 Jan 2015:

46 entrants * 2500 chips = 115000 total chips. Expected killer blinds= 5750 according to the 5% rule. Level #11 blinds= 2.96% of chips at 3400 (=1000+2000+2200). Level #12 blinds= 4.43% of chips at 5100 (=1500+3000+2300). Level #13 blinds= 5.91% of chips at 6800 (=2000+4000+2*400). Game ended at Level #11 vs expected kill at Levels #12~13.

*** Omaha Ace-to-Five #291193, 18 Dec 2014: 58 entrants * 2500 chips = 145000 total chips. Expected killer blinds= 7250 according to the 5% rule. Level #12 blinds= 3.52% of chips at 5100 (=1500+3000+2300). Level #13 blinds= 4.69% of chips at 6800 (=2000+4000+2400). Level #14 blinds= 7.03% of chips at 10200 (=3000+6000+2*600). Game ended at Level #12 vs expected kill at Levels #13~14.

*** Bounty Brawl #301566 , 7 Jan 2015:

68 entrants * 2000 chips = 136000 total chips. Expected killer blinds= 6800 according to the 5% rule. Level #11 blinds= 2.50% of chips at at 3400 (=1000+2000+2200). Level #12 blinds= 3.75% of chips at at 5100 (=1500+3000+2300). Level #13 blinds= 5.00% of chips at at 6800 (=2000+4000+2*400). Game ended at Level #11 vs expected kill at Level #13.

*** Open Hapiness #291166, 18 Dec 2014: 88 entrants * 3000 chips = 264000 total chips.

Expected killer blinds= 13200 according to the 5% rule. Level #14 blinds= 3.86% of chips at 10200 (=3000+6000+2600). Level #15 blinds= 5.15% of chips at 13600 (=4000+8000+2800). Game ended on Level #14 vs expected kill at Levels #14~15.

*** European Culture #291596, 18 Dec 2014:

94 entrants * 3000 chips = 282000 total chips. Expected killer blinds= 14100 according to the 5% rule. Level #14 blinds= 4.82% of chips at 13600 (=4000+8000+2800). Level #15 blinds= 6.03% of chips at 17000 (=5000+10000+21000). Game ended at Level #14 vs expected kill at Levels #14~15.

*** 100K Daily Freeroll #299498, 7 Jan 2015:

223 entrants * 2500 chips = 557500 total chips. Expected killer blinds= 27875 according to the 5% rule. Level #17 blinds= 3.66% of chips at 20400 (=6000+12000+21200). Level #18 blinds= 4.88% of chips at 27200 (=8000+16000+21600). Level #19 blinds= 6.01% of chips at 34000 (=10000+20000+2*2000). Game ended at Level #17 vs expect kill at Levels #18~19.