Late Registration Limit

Lets do away with all registration, period. Just ask people to self-identify as someone who would have played the tournament and give them a share of the prize pool. Then we won’t have to worry about all the negativity surrounding who showed up 1st or last, who sucked-out, who was the luckiest and so on. No hurt feelings anywhere and everyone gets to say they were a winner.

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falls over laughin!!!
yes yes hahahaha

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I don’t have any issues with late reg. It is a part of tournament poker. I would like to see re entry tournaments as opposed to the re buy tourneys. My issues with Replays tours are when you’re moved for balancing, I’ve been dropped at a new table in the small blind and had to sit out. Should not be moving into the sb. Also keep seats open at tables, like 1 and 9 seats don’t get seated until the end of late reg so you have somewhere to put them. Too many times I’ve registered a couple minutes late for tournaments on the higher end of the buy in spectrum where entries are limited, and have been seated at a table and played several minutes HU or 3 ways while a table with 9 was maxed out on seats. This puts you at extreme disadvantage paying blinds on every shuffle.

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how can you not like free blinds? it’s not like no one will ever show up.

Late registration means that the tournament I invest 30,000 chips to play against 45 players (not bad odds)…then voom…15 minutes later…I’m suddenly playing against 105 players for the same pot. Unless you are a millionaire, you would have chosen better odds. And whoever said it, I could wait the 15 minutes and see how many join the fun before I invest my chips…or just not play the tourneys. Nuff said.

I can see this as an argument against re entries (which I’m all for) but doesn’t really make sense (to me) when talking about late reg.

Generally, prize pools will scale with the number of tournament entrants, particularly when there are already 45 players registered. The number of places paid out increase as well. Freerolls and satellites are exceptions, but you’re not dropping a 30k entry fee on those.


I am not against late registration but at its commencement the number of prizes and value should remain as at shown at the end of normal time. Wilf

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I like it…a participation trophy for people who did not participate

It’s the thought that counts :slight_smile:

I think every single T should have the same late reg period, 15 minutes is good, 20 too much, 10 not enough.
I also think your time to rebuy in a rebuy should be limited to 10 seconds, instead of 20 seconds. Either that or extend the rebuy period a bit :relaxed:

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I also discussed it here, @puggywug.

The ones I know of are the 15K regionals occurring an hour after the 5K regionals. The tournament dynamics are such that one will usually money in the 5K just before the late reg on the 15K ends. Anyone who has played the regional leaderboards will understand the late reg strategy to avoid the distraction of two tables while on the bubble.

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For every reason you can give me for it (late registration) being a pain I can give you a reason that allowing late registration can be advantageous. Many of them have already been discussed. The biggest part of becoming a better poker player is willingly playing in situations you may not particularly like, but figure out how nonetheless to succeed in light of other players decisions, logical or otherwise.


late registration should go away or limit of 5 min. If you can’t get on in time so be it. not fun when you start an then have hundred late comers


I think late reg should be dropped every player has ample time to register I try to time a tourney by the No of players


me too SPG as well as some people. :crazy_face:


It’s about the doe.
More players, more entry fees, and profits. They need it for the payout, which is in some cases more than the income tally for the site. I believe it should start promptly, why accept fresh tardy

get rid of late registration

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Never going to happen!

Totally Agree