Late Registration Limit

I never liked It. Game start with 45 players then after 15 minuets, the players total 128 players. The late players hope for large numbers of bust out, and easy chance to make the pay cut…………

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It’s in Replay’s best interest to allow for as little “down time” as possible for players who prefer tournaments to ring games. New tournaments start every fifteen minutes, with few (if any) exceptions. Since the site wouldn’t want a player to join a minute after the last set of tournaments began and sit idle for the next 14 minutes, they should allow late registration until the next set of tournaments begins 15 minutes later.

When it comes to guaranteed prize pool tournaments, generally the concern is overblown. This is only an issue for freerolls, and/or if there are very few initial registrants. For other tournaments, as the number of players increases, often the guarantee will become moot, with the prize pool generated by the entry fees swamping the initial guarantee.

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If you need extra time; sign up for a 18 seater SnG. They usually take longer to fill than they do to play. Even then there are a few who snort from their slumber only to realize it over.

So what you’re saying is that the majority of the players on the site use this feature. Great argument for not changing it, thanks!


I think once players are seated at a table they should be playing,not sitting out for almost 15 min.
I they don’t play after 5 irst round is over they should be booted…I don’t like su=itting sometimes for 5 minutes or so and no one there to play the game!

after 5 minutes or the first round is over*

It’s very easy to edit once comments before hitting the ‘enter’ button, and it is also possible to repair them afterward… "Sitting Out’, btw, is a common strategy at some tourneys here because of all of the nonsense that goes on with the “all-In” Bettors dominating the nonsense early on in these tourneys… If you have ‘clock issues’ you may also have ‘blood pressure’ issues, and maybe ought to get that checked… … Bless… :>)) …

yall still whining about this…acceptance is the answer

I think you might have misunderstood what I was trying to say :). I’m saying sitting at a table where everyone else is sitting out and basically I am play alone…it is very disappointing not having an opponent.

I happen to like playing with myself.

edited to add: I mean, not having an opponent at the table!


Early registration is usually the problem here. People register early and don’t make it to the table right away when the tournament begins. When I register late, I go straight to the table. That being said, I love it when the whole table is sitting out and I can collect a bunch of blinds before anyone joins. Eventually people show up, are eliminated or you get moved. Might as well get some chips off them with no risk to you.


I agree. We should do away with early registration, it’s a big problem.


Me too. It would be weird to do it with an opponent at the table…


Lets do away with all registration, period. Just ask people to self-identify as someone who would have played the tournament and give them a share of the prize pool. Then we won’t have to worry about all the negativity surrounding who showed up 1st or last, who sucked-out, who was the luckiest and so on. No hurt feelings anywhere and everyone gets to say they were a winner.

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falls over laughin!!!
yes yes hahahaha

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I don’t have any issues with late reg. It is a part of tournament poker. I would like to see re entry tournaments as opposed to the re buy tourneys. My issues with Replays tours are when you’re moved for balancing, I’ve been dropped at a new table in the small blind and had to sit out. Should not be moving into the sb. Also keep seats open at tables, like 1 and 9 seats don’t get seated until the end of late reg so you have somewhere to put them. Too many times I’ve registered a couple minutes late for tournaments on the higher end of the buy in spectrum where entries are limited, and have been seated at a table and played several minutes HU or 3 ways while a table with 9 was maxed out on seats. This puts you at extreme disadvantage paying blinds on every shuffle.

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how can you not like free blinds? it’s not like no one will ever show up.

Late registration means that the tournament I invest 30,000 chips to play against 45 players (not bad odds)…then voom…15 minutes later…I’m suddenly playing against 105 players for the same pot. Unless you are a millionaire, you would have chosen better odds. And whoever said it, I could wait the 15 minutes and see how many join the fun before I invest my chips…or just not play the tourneys. Nuff said.

I can see this as an argument against re entries (which I’m all for) but doesn’t really make sense (to me) when talking about late reg.

Generally, prize pools will scale with the number of tournament entrants, particularly when there are already 45 players registered. The number of places paid out increase as well. Freerolls and satellites are exceptions, but you’re not dropping a 30k entry fee on those.