Late Registration chip adjustment

Seems fair enough to me.
The main reason I like it, particularly 15 minutes, is it allows more time for more players to enter.
I’m playing high end tourney’s, so in a 9 seater I’m hoping for at least 50 players, in a 6 seater that number is reduced to 40.
Why is because if I make the final table, I’d like to at least cash out.
I suppose in lower tourneys in might be a good idea to have less time since those seem to easily get plenty of players to pay everyone on the final table.

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Agree 100 % the bus has left the station on time


The GOAT’s of the game do it. It is fair. They (GOAT’s) know something about winning, so do as they do. And learn. Ivey, Negreanu, Chan, Seidel, Ungar…watch and take what you admire in their game and apply it to yours. I am here to ask this: The “top lists” page here has statistical information we are unable to keep track of since our statistics page has none of the information at our disposal. Like most players we’ve busted out or finishes in the money, etc. The fact that it is kept by the site and the software but yet remains unavailable to the eyes of those it has kept said info about…Nutty

That would be the same as a basketball player who constantly hit jump shots with his feet touching the 3-pt line(making it a shot worth just 2 points) and never adjusting his jumper so that he made sure his feet were behind the line. Talking about strategy like it’s cheating or unfair when it is YOUR choice to not use the strategy when the option is open to All. Whning about people using the clock to it’s maximum allowable time because it annoys them is another issue that grinds my gears for this reason: everyone has the same amount of timer, so if it is throwing you off your game, it has worked to their advantage by putting you on the tilt train. That’s a weakness in YOUR game, but with discipline, patience, and proper motivation one can overcome the issue and never tilt again. Also keep in mind that you never know why someone takes so long. They might have wifi issues, or dropped their glasses OR they’re trying to throw you off of your game and it’s your job to counter the move with a better one or adjust to overcome.

Everyone takes information they have learned and uses it to their advantage. As long as they use it the correct way. Using the clock is an art form just like bluffing. Just show up to the game on time because when you’re late and can’t get in we are tired of the whining over it.

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Late Registration can have it’s advantages and disadvantages

No late registration and sitting out after 10 hands bye bye!

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Great idea :+1:t2: I like the 10 hands idea