Late Registration chip adjustment

It seems many people are waiting until the last minute to enter the games - maybe adjust late registration chips by a percentage - if the amount given at the start is 3,000 chips - late registration gets 2,500.

Why would you want to do this ? Most are doing this in a tournament ( late registration) so they don’t have to deal with the bingo players but keep in mind they are coming into the game at higher blinds.

So what would be the reason for this penalty?


I agree with Craig… I do join late some, not to avoid bingo play but because I am coming from another game, and don’t like playing 2 games at the same time, sometimes I still have to, but joining late limits it that to a minimum, you are already behind


I think most people late reg because they log on and want to play immediately. They jump into any tournament that’s available.

They are already starting below the average chip stack, it would be counter-productive to impose any further penalties.


To quote Spock, this would be illogical…


this also includes bigger starting blind levels. which means less skill can be used.

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I don’t like the OP’s suggestion either.
But some of you are fooling yourselves.
There are problems with late registration.
If there weren’t, nobody would take issue with a 30 minutes late registration, or a 60, or a 90.
What is the logical argument that a 15 minute late registration is fair but a 60 minute is unfair.
There isn’t one, because if a 60 is unfair, a 15 must also be unfair, just to a lesser degree.

there is a problem with Late Registration… the problem is the people who have a problem with it !!! :sushing_face:

There are many ppl who refuse to play a MTT without knowing the payout before entry, for all those people late registration is thier only option. Replay doesn’t show payouts realtime as ppl enter the MTT, its only posted after it starts.

Next, its both an advantage to the MTT & replay to offer LR… the MTT gets more ppl and bigger payout, while Replay gets to offer instant on games in the MTT arena…

Also, Late Registration is NOT an advantage within the MTT. with higher blinds and already be’n stack’d by other players, its a dis-advantage.

Late Registration can be exploited for T-pts somewhat, but many ppl think the 50% rule is stupid anyway… if that was eliminated then there would no longer be any benefit really to LR.

Keep it, perhaps limit to 1 level of blinds… but it has too many benefits to eliminate.

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Yes as Tex said 2 games overlap if join too soon & still need to play both if doing well in first.
Now Diff story for the am Asian. I am always late registration for the first one as I keep shutting off the alarm.

I do late registration cos I don’t like 1st level of tourney there blinds are too small.

i too believe there should be a chip adjustment for late regos.this would make it fairer

I have been saying that for over an year - enter late, lose 20% on the chips.

I agree there should be a chip adjustment. Anyone entering late should get extra chips. Specifically, their starting chips should be set at the tournament average stack.