Late reg in muti table a tax

a tax for late reg 1% frist min 2% 2nd min and so on eg 3000 on the table that would be 30 chips 1st min 60 2nd and for the 10 min 300

Boo! Hiss!
(Perhaps if you included a reason why you think this would be a good idea, I might revise my comment.)

well say in the 10 min people are playing they can lose 300 chips (also win ) so if you wait 10 to 15 min come in at 25th and somebody who’s been playing are 50th does seen fair ??

PS i just don’t being late

Yes it does seem fair.
I won’t sign up any earlier than about 5 mins before the start, but I NEVER intentionally wait to enter as I don’t see any benefit in doing so.
Not only does the late entry lose the danger of chip loss, he/she also loses the opportunity of chips gained and that seems to be equally good and/or bad.

we where in the same game today and over 65% where late. i agree with that i have a chance of more chips but not everybody thinks that way with over 50% 60 and 75% people being late but yes i see your point as well. PS see you in the next game don’t be LATE

I suggest NO LATE REG…Sign up and take your seat when the game begins. It’s kinda like a foot race…every body begins the race at the same time.

that will work even better why is there a late reg anyway get there on time end of conversation