Laptop problem

hi, I’m planning to dismantle my Desktop PC and want to be able to play at replay on my Laptop, replay only shows up as a few text lines and it’s impossible to use the site, any help would be appreciated.

Laptop Windows 7, Acer 4 core, with Kasperski Total Internet Security installed. Chrome browser.


Windows 11, Edge Browser, free security comes with Microsoft products and it’s good.

Works on my Windows 7 Laptop in Chrome, I’m guessing it’s the security software if so you might be able to add an exception - trusted site address for RPP? Key word guessing :crossed_fingers:

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It’s Kasperski Total Security, say the certificate for replay is invallid, added to exceptions but still the same, … using Firefox for Replay now and Firefox works just fine, I use Chrome everywhere else and Firefox for Replay :wink: