Know any good poker jokes?

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How about it? Do you folks know any good poker jokes? What’s your favorite (appropriate!) joke to tell around the table?

From the poker dictionary: lottery (noun): A tax on people who are bad at math.

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Haha, I’m going to have to start keeping a list of the things I’m bad at and what to call it.

A man came home from a poker game late one night and found his hideous harpy of a wife waiting for him with a rolling pin.
“Where the hell have you been?” she asked.
“You’ll have to pack all your things, dear,” he ad-libbed. “I’ve just lost you in a card game.”
“How did you manage to do that?”
“It wasn’t easy, honest. I had to fold with a royal flush.”

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Haha, that one cuts deep! I lol’d. Thanks for sharing.

If you’re wanting some good Poker humor then look no further than this short 3 minute clip .Enjoy.
Stay Sweet . Be Shady

Marriage is like a card game…
It may start off all Hearts and Diamonds but sooner or later you’re going to need a Club and a Spade.:slight_smile: