Knocking players out if they don't take their seat in time

Just happened to me. When did you start doing this? Not complaining, it’s great. My fault entirely I missed it. Well done Replay.

if they don’t show within a certain time or hands kick them off. not fare to not be there and win game.

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Not at table on time, goodbye. Be on time next game.

maby one set of blinds

Why do your comments keep getting censored? Seem unreasonable to me.

Hey Mark … I honestly don’t know …one day I just got an email saying I would no longer be able to comment on the forum , when I asked why I never got an answer . After about 2 months got another email saying after reviewing my comments they have lifted the ban and I would once again be able to comment , although they didn’t post my comments until they reviewed them to make sure they were "acceptable " . My view on this is , I made a few comments about things I noticed on the site , they couldn’t give me an answer , so they banned me from speaking about it.By banning me it faded all comments I had ever made . This will most likely get me banned from commenting here again , but I really don’t bother much anymore anyway since I know if the things I say aren’t all about how great replay is they will most likely be deleted anyway. So now you know as much as I do about the reason.

Well… I always thought your comments made some sense. You mention at the
outset that you can be sarcastic, so people should deal with it. Anyway, I
hope that this communication gets me off of your KMA list! Kidding of
course, see you at the tables I hope! Take care!

There is more to know.

Sharon is a patriot of the site, believes deeply in most of the methods of ReplayPoker, has been a long time user of the site, spends a lot of time using the facilities of the site, has helped single handedly grow the site, and has a lot of fun on the site. Because she was among my first friends at the site, and she helped guide me through the very complicated streets and alleys, I am forever beholding to her and will always support her.

She is also a damn good artist, is always willing to help people, is sassy as they come, and she is a proud woman. As she knows when she was banned, I took it upon myself, long before I became a moderator, to help correct the situation. As a simple player myself I did what I did when active politically; I lobbied on her behalf, used words and deeds she said to demonstrate how valuable she is to the site, and I remain believing in her presence as a good presence.

I think of Sharon as the head of the “loyal opposition.” She is forever loyal and I believe management and staff know all this. She is on my list of people I will always watch over.


Thanks for the kind words Scratch and I know you have always had my back and were there when I got banned . We have worked together when I was lobbying to make changes on the way the Leaderboard worked and with your support and the support of many friends and staff my suggestion became a reality . I will continue to try to answer players questions on here anytime I feel like my answer might help.

Cool didn’t know you also had a list , as you know you are on at least 2 of mine .:grinning:

Thanks Mark… I can make sense , sometimes . As far as getting off the list , once you are on it there is no getting off . Since this list grows daily the best you can hope for is to move so far down the list I might forget your there . Cya on the tables.

How soon we forget!

The Sharonistas: A List of Who’s Who on Sharon’s Lists. It will be published posthumorously. The names have been changed to protect the innocent as well as to protect those who drool on live playing cards.

Please acknowledge I am the leading authority on the history of the Sharonista movement, having been amongst the founding members. It was when there was a factor that was trying to move the Sharonistas into a third-party and field a Presidential candidate, that I needed to take leave.

I too would like to forget those times.

Scratch on the Stoop

Forgot about that list… so I am on two lists , just like you.

Well… hmmm… can’t say for sure. Even though you are Sharon, frankly, I haven’t seen your name actually on the Sharonista list. Certainly you are named as the list. Did you ever join?

I’m not opposed to having late registration in some games but have suggested that you have games with and without late registration. It is my opinion that in the Freeroll games the grey players be eliminated after the first blind or after 5 minutes the length of the first blind. Although I have no data to support this claim, it seems that when you are at a table with several grey players you fall behind in chips to the chips leaders. I find it particularly problematic in the Omaha games were early chips are more important.