Knock Out Sit N Goes

The description says 20% of the buy ins were to be paid out for KO’s. According to the laws of math: 20% of $9,000 is $1,800. $1,800 divided by 8 KO’s per game is $200 per KO. What happened to the other $200?

That was a cool format. Are there going to be more? How about at the higher levels?


Thanks for your feedback!

The knockout tournaments need some adjustments. Now 20% of the buy-in is set for the knockout reward and the fee is 10% of the buy-in.

The amount of the knockout reward must be 20% (or other %) from the buy-in minus the fee. Also the amount of the knockout reward must show in the lobby. And in the lobby of the SnG showed the prize pool inclusive the amounts of the knockout reward.

The pay out was good (amount of the reward of knockout was a bit higher as it should be) and the payout of the prizes was good also (less than showed in the pop up lobby)

When it is adjusted they will be back and with more different kinds of buy-ins.

Good to hear you liked them!

Greetings Happiness…

The math still does not add up. If 20% of the buy in is set aside for KO’s that means $1800 is pulled out of the buy in for KO’s. That would mean that $225 should be paid for each KO since there can only be 8 KO’s per Sit N Go. The chat box showed that $200 was paid for each KO. That leaves $200 unpaid.

Or to try it a different way.

9 Buy Ins x $1000 = $9000 Minus 10% Buy In Fee = $8,100 20% of $8,100 for KO’s = $1,620 $1,620 divided by 8 KO’s = $202.50

Still does not add up


There are 8 players to knockout, but all 9 players set aside the amount of the bounty, the winner wins their own bounty also.

It is now:

Buy-in is 1000 chips (x9) Fee is 100 chips (x9) Bounty is 20% of the buy-in = 200 chips (x9) To the prize pool goes 700 chips (x9)

It should be:

Buy-in is 1000 chips Fee is 100 chips. Bounty % (20% or other %) goes from 900 chips, with 20% it is 180 chips for the knockout bounty, and 720 chips goes into the prize pot.

Greetings Happiness.

Happiness is correct, right now the bounty % is taken BEFORE the fee is taken, not AFTER, which is wrong.

So for example, say the bounty is set to 50%, it’s currently 50% of the total buy-in, so when there’s a tourney fee, you can have a situation like:

Buy-in: 2500 (tourney fee 10% = 250) Buy-in going towards prize pool: 2250 Bounty = 50% 9 Seat SnG Total prize pool (inc bounty) = 9 x 2250 = 20,250 Total bounty given out = 9 x 1250 = 11,250 Remaining prize pool (exc bounty) = 9,000

This is WRONG.

The bounty should be taken from the buy-ins only, not the fees.

So… 1125 should go towards the prize pool. 1125 should go toward each player bounty. 250 should go towards the fees.

The good news is that we’re fixing it this week, and it should be changed either today or tomorrow. We’ll post on here when it goes live! =)

Good news, we’ve just now deployed a fix to the website so the bounty % is taken AFTER the fee, not BEFORE. All sorted!

cool…made you guys think!


For the weekend 3 knockout SnGs are available (buy-in 1000, 5000 and 10.000 chips) Monday starts the Halloween Promotion “Scare 'em off!”, more info you find on the promotion page.

Good luck and have fun! Greetings Happiness.