King of the pocket pairs

OK, maybe not - but I think I might be close to having earned that title. This got my attention enough that I had to go back and count them - so just for fun (because it sure entertained me) I’ll share:

9 seat S&G tournament. Got knocked out in the 59th hand when my opponent went runner-runner to fill his flush and beat my two pair. I bet fairly big after the flop - he called - good on him (or her). Feel sad for me. But I digress…

How many times have you gone a full tourney with no pocket pairs? I know I have. Anyway, I noticed a pocket pair trend, so I went back and counted.

59 hands. 9 pocket pairs dealt to me!! 55; 77; 22; 22; 77; 66; 66; 77; 55

Kind of crappy pocket pairs (though two did hit sets for me), but wow!!

So… does Replay mail me my “Pocket Pair King” crown? Or is it a bracelet, maybe? A plaque? Heck, I’ll settle for coupon to Subway for half off a 6 inch sub.

And I promise to be a benevolent king.


I think I may have set some kind of record for quads with 77. And on top of that, I actually seem to get big pay days with 77 turned into four of a kind, even though quads in general tends to block a lot of value your opponent can have.

There was actually one player on Poker Stars that just referred to me as “Sevens” after I stacked her with four sevens (she had a KK full house on a board like 7TQ7K, though it was a long time ago).


Once in a tournament on RP I had pocket pairs dealt to me 7 times in 8 hands early in a MTT, but, alas, it was not very profitable for me and I won a few small pots and did not make the money in that tournament.