kicked off ttable

got removed from table when not checking or betting on time. Normally on other poker sites when you run out of time it counts as check or a fold. not removed from the table and have to rejoin. It sucks. The pace is too fast, not enough time to think and move curser and click in time. Maybe too old, mybe my fast reflex muscles are to slow. my mind says clik button but finger to slow. lost lot of hands by timer out.
Tryd to say Hi while playing. It cost me a lot of missedd hands and kicked of the table.

I do not know what type of tables you are playing {ring, SnG, or Multi table tournaments} before you choose a table look to the far left. You will find a star and a lightening bolt. if the lightening bolt is lit up that is the faster speed tables. If it is greyed out you have a little more time to make a decision.