Kicked Off Of Table ! Why?

Table 482236 (quick Tourny) I had pocket Aces got kicked off unable to play hand then right behind it I had pockit 10s agian kicked off completly . lost the about 2500 chips and was not able to compete because of being kicked off and ended up in 5th place and I had 1st or atleast 2nd or 3erd locked up till the dam thing kicked me off. ---------mrl1.

Hi mrl1,

Sorry to hear about the trouble you had staying connected to this game. There’s honestly quite a few different variables that can cause you to be disconnected. We’ve got an article here with a few things you can check to help narrow down what the problem might be.

In addition, it’d be great to know more details about your computer set up, like:

  • operating system - browser type and version - the type of internet connection you have (high-speed cable, wifi, DSL, satellite, etc.) - ping test results

In the meantime, we’ve gone ahead and refunded your buy-in for this tournament. Hopefully that helps make up for some of the frustration.

Cheers, Lesley