Keep the rooms separate

This site is annoying… you have hi stakes players that come into the low stakes games and buy the pots out. Hat kind of sportsmanship is that? Why can’t there be friendly games of poker rooms instead of allowing bullies into the room and upping the pot so hi it’s impossible to play unless you buy your millions of dollars worth of chips.

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Not all high stakes players are bullies. Actually I don’t know any. Some high stakes players just want to play in low stakes games with friends or take a mental health break from millions of chips pots. I do it just to work on basic pokering skills without risking hundreds of millions of chips.

There is nothing nefarious about it.


I do this sometimes but only to give chips away. Ironically my luck is great when I try this and my giveaways always fail. I can’t even win at losing.

Craig, to use the verbiage nefarious is not what I’m suggesting at all. I certainly didn’t mean all high stakes players either. I guess to use the term “some” is what should have been said. I understand your protective feelings for the community and the need to back educate someone that might be a soar loser. This is not the case. Poker skills are definitely a need and I understand not wanting to sacrifice. However… there is a blatantly miss use of “skill” when you consistently build a pot and then before or after put more out than anyone on the table can afford … buy in after buy in.
So please … don’t tell me this is to sharpen a skill … this is to me “unsportsmanlike” conduct … when knowingly your cleaning out the low end tables who have both unskilled and or people who want to play for fun. I’ve experienced this time and time again … they even antagonize… if you think this type of behavior is appropriate and or you are suggesting it does not happen maybe you haven’t been in the low stakes games lately.

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I can only speak for myself but I don’t see high stakes players bullying at low stakes tables like I said when I am there and I have been on the site for over 7 years.

Then stop rebuttals about this! You can’t possibly imply all high stakes players are you Craig! Or that they are doing what you do. Do you know how annoying you sound speaking for everyone and calling me out on this subject like it’s my imagination. Or are you an administrator Mr 7 years? Stay out of the low stakes rooms …part of poker is also chance and gambling. NOT BUYING THE POTS WITH RIDICULOUS AMOUNTS … there is no skill in this … it’s called bully betting…it’s done purposely because they can afford to do it … this subject matter is often talked about in the low stake community. It is annoying and they time and time again clear rooms out after they empty everyone’s pocket. So I will not coward down to you making it a no big deal …it’s all in your head type comments. As a matter of fact …I will go further with this and start taking screen shots of it happening and show the comments of people at the table.


Replay Poker might not want this type of aggravation on their forum. It is a subject matter they probably prefer not to address…because as soon as the “free chips” have expired … you have to buy in with cash that supports their server and even pulls profit I’m sure. So why would they care about others stealing chips. How much are you in for Craig of 7 years on their server?

I’m also in my 7th year here. I only play tournaments, and sometimes play whatever buyins are started or about to start.

Speaking only for myself, I don’t care about winning the 15k 1st place, but I also don’t care about winning a million for first. I have enough chips to play what I want, when I want, and don’t see the point of accumulating piles of chips I don’t need.

You say these players play in a way that requires no skill, but you also said that they clean out the tables and take everyone’s chips. Kinda sounds to me like they know what they are doing.

Learning how to deal with aggressive players is a big part of this game.

In case you’re wondering, I did spend $20 7 years ago, and bought something like 600,000 chips. This gave me enough of a bankroll that I could comfortably play the medium stakes tournaments, which is mostly what I still play today.

If you want to talk about it, let’s talk. If your response is going to be accusations and name calling, don’t bother because I won’t answer.


Excuse me …who did I call a name too? The accusations are observation… not just by me. Lord … if you can’t see the unfairness in this … you just said yourself “kinda sounds to me they know what they are doing” Look … I don’t care how you play …I could care less how many years you’ve been on this site or really how much money you spend here. None of my business. If I can’t make a comment on how i and others playing on the same server feel without being told my feelings are invalid… something is wrong here.
Let me see if I can put it simple. I looked you up. You have 66 million chips. Your status shows you are a high stakes player. You have lots of experience… you have lots of chip. When you go to the low stakes tables and watch the pots go up and on the turn or river go all in or in the amount of what that player has, are you doing this to teach them a lesson? Or are you doing this to prove the severity of the kill? Like you said … you have plenty of chips. The players in the low stakes are not that experienced or they wouldn’t be there. So tell me what the reason is …I’m all ears Guru. And please don’t accuse me again of name calling … not my style.


Like I said in my post above “ I can only speak for myself “ . As far as your posts, looks who’s bullying now !!! :thinking: keep it civil kid.


You are free to make any comments you want, as is everyone else, including me.

I could say that calling people bullies or unsportsmanlike is name calling, but whatever.

I don’t play low stakes ring games, and I don’t speak for anyone but myself, so how could I tell you the reasons people do what they do?

I can say that I make big bets to fold out better hands or get calls from weaker hands. Great hands are fairly rare and I seek to extract as much as I can from every one I get.

Weak players, on the other hand, are fairly common. If they allow me to “bully” them, then I bully them, not for some ego trip, but because it’s effective. Stronger players do the same to me when they’re able. It’s just part of the game.

I thought there were “duck pond” tables for those just starting out?

The way I see it, if someone enters the arena, they should be ready to fight for their chips. If someone is playing a tournament they can’t afford to play, that’s on them, not me.

When I enter a pot against an aggressive player, I think ahead. If it looks like there’s a good chance I will be allin by the river, I don’t continue with hands that can’t stand the heat. Or I play back at them and get it in on my terms, not their’s. There are several ways to deal with this other than changing the rules to create more safe spaces.

I would actually support the idea of having a bank limit for the lowest stakes games. It wouldn’t effect me one way or the other, and if it makes the game more fun for some, then OK, why not?



I think I know what you mean. A lot of players in the low Ring games play a Bingo style of poker where any two cards etc., and will just rebuy when busted.

I play for fun to pass the time and also as mentioned above usually play Tournaments because everyone starts the game even as far as starting chips and the seating is random. In Tournaments, you’ll always play against a number of players with different styles of play which is the fun part of poker for me.

I think you’ll find it’s fun and a good learning experience.

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I guess your right Guru … unsportsmanlike and bullies is how I was describing the action but …standing outside the box it does sound like name calling. You are very eloquent in describing the bully technique. Reading back over this blog …if ya wanna call this that, I see a frustration and angry attitude in my demeanor that I apologize for.
I’m guessing it’s me being new to playing online and sharing the same frustrations that other new players have. Poker is poker I guess … there is always that escape button you can hit if you don’t like what’s going on.
I agree on the bank limit idea also. This could be for new players and or people who just like friendly games … I’ve met a lot of nice people … have had great conversations while playing… then the aggressive guy comes in and bam!
Thanks for tips … you make since…
I’m not sure why I felt the need to stand in on defending all new or weaker players. After all … we are all playing to win … not just to have fun … both are great.

Another aggravating player … but again … I have that button that I can use to opt out. So I’m not gonna complain… I know it bothers others … it’s online poker … chips are cheap and that’s how some people get their thrills. It’s certainly not real poker. They would never make the top of a tournaments playing like that … especially if they had a financial stake in the game. Or maybe I’m wrong on this too. I have never seen that kind of aggression until the last players are on the table … and even then … they don’t do it time after time … I guess because I’m an old guy … I’m old school… I like the fun …the calculations… the chance … but the fun is important to me also Smooth.

I’m sorry me4 that no one is acknowledging your concerns. What you are describing definitely happens in the ring games. A $100 min. bet being raised to $3,000 pre-flop by the same player, every hand. It makes it very boring and unless you wish to lose all your chips in two hands - which you would in many circumstances anyway - merely by chance - the $3,000 raiser will be emptying the table. It is deliberate, it is not fun, but this gets played out in real casinos too. Players, mostly men, feel like the big man when they play like this. And the people that act like this doesn’t happen are going along to get along, which is also what men do when there around other men.

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You don’t need to apologize to me for anything, but I accept your apology all the same.

It’s no fun to get run over hand after hand after hand, I do get it.

But people can only run you over if you let them. Poker is hard, and it’s played at many levels. One of the keys to having fun is in selecting the right table. Actually, one of the keys to winning is selecting the right table too.

The more one learns about the game, the more fun it becomes.

You might want to look into one of the private leagues that cater to the “fun” side of poker. The Poker Amusement league is one such league, but I’m sure there are others too.

But if you really want to enjoy the game, learn how to deal with aggressive players, don’t hide from them. “Safe Space” tables will only teach you bad habits and you won’t learn anything playing in that environment.

This is just my opinion, you do as you see fit, good luck.


Just for confirmation Craig is always playing me in low stakes so he does have a feeling for what is going on…Also playing high stake players and winning hands from them does lift a low stakes ego…


Well said :+1:t2: and you are a great poker player !


I don’t get your reply?

My suggestion was for you to see a way to bring back enjoyment (by playing Tournaments until you can build up your bankroll) to your game experience.


I’d say its a lot less “high stakes” players betting huge hands and rebuying, and usually more low stakes idiots who tend to pop in and play “bingo” looking for a quick all-in score, and if they lose, they just go back to the replay bank for the free refill, and repeat.

They just arent as interested in playing the game for a longer time. just fold/sit them out, they go away when no one will follow them into oblivion. most higher stakes players, tend to not play like this. they’re looking to either improve, or just blow off steam.

I’m technically labelled a “High stakes” player(by replays system at least), but i prefer to play the Duck Pond or other low stakes ring games, and an occasional medium stakes. im just having fun. all-in comes out when things get heated, but not to torture others.

Just keep at it, you’ll start to see the patterns.