Keep table rotation unchanged after rebalancing tables in MTT

When I play a single table, I rotate the table view so my seat is at bottom of table close to the betting controls and chat box. When I play two tables, I rotate the tables so that I sit on the left side of the right table and on the right side of the left table, so my hole cards are close to each other.

Idea: In Multitable tourneys, before rebalancing tables, remember how the player has rotated its table view, and keep this setting unchanged after rebalancing.

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Very well spoted, I think this essential.


problem is more than 1 person might want or prefer the same position

Nope, I’m not talking about the real seat number, but about the rotation of the view that you choose with the two circular arrows on top right corner of window, that makes you see the scene as if you were at some target seat.

Suppose you’re at real seat #1 on the server, you currently can use the circular arrow to rotate the view of the client so that you see the table as if you were at target seat #5. After table rebalancing, you move to another table and seat number, say real seat #3. The client could adjust the view so that you still see the scene as if you were at target seat #5. But this is not the case so far.

ahh ok i see you want ur custom rotation to allocate a certain seat when you join a game in that case i agree with what you say:)