K10 Off suited

MTT scenario. You are from UTG, with like 40 BB. Dealer deals you K10off suited.

what do you have to do? The answer, talking in profitable moves in long term is just one: FOLD

Even worse, like in the case that happened at my table, if you LIMP, and then someone after you isolated its hand with whatever size (x2-x2.5-x3 etc) More than ever you have to FOLD!

Some high ranked players here, sometimes are stubborn :slight_smile: I got this man at my table insinsting it was a nice hand to limp-call K10 off (just because his opponent flopped 2 pair, lmao). He was like 200 in the rank. Doesn’t matter, I said to him invane to just take my advice, lol. He kept saying the only thing people here can say: you are 2k in rank, I don’t waste time with people like you.

Just to be clear, this is a site of poker, where people come for fun! And I do understand that, and I think it’s very nice indeed. So, it’s legit to play like you want to play, even limping calling 72off from UTG with 15BB left…
But guys… if u never studied poker, even if u are well ranked, if u never studied at least the opening hands from the different positions of the table, keeping in mind your stack, and the others’, the stage of the tournament… please, just take an advice if someone tell you one, :slight_smile:
Have a nice day or night everyone :slight_smile:


Agreed. Deaf ears don’t hear. lol

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lol, true :slight_smile:

You have to bless the poker gods for players like this. Kind of you to try and educate them but in the face of rudeness and ignorance in what should be a fun place, be grateful they’re on your table :slight_smile: