Just need to tell my story... :-)


I’m at the final table short stacked with 9J suited push all-in in desperation, with less than the BB in chips. flop comes and I flop a set, lucky me right? Turn produces another nine, whoa I got quads can’t lose! No worries about a river what could possibly beat me with this board. River a seven of clubs, and the op catches a straight-flush-jack-high…

I did get an achievement for the bad beat hand not quite what I was shooting for :slight_smile:



I can relate and many times even today I had big 2 pair or trips and put out big raises only to have someone stay for a river flush or fill an inside straight.

Frustrating as hell but that is free chip poker for you.

Congrats on the achievement and take it all in stride.

cool to see tho larry right? u were just on the wrong side of the hand. today is the last day of the month so i think u should submit that hand as fast as u can for the hand of the month, might be the monthly winner who knows, then u win chips not achievement award lol. FYI my straight flush got beat by the high end of a straight flush, so there are worse beats than yours here, happened to me 2 different time too. hope that makes u feel better lol.

yes, I already submitted, but it was just too cool not to share, lol…

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cool, i hope it wins, sounds like a winner to me and should be hard to beat, but there are some crazy hands and beats out there so who knows

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wow that is rare…you would have probably gotten a lot of money if that had happened in a casino…



I was pretty skilled as a youngster. Now the drugs the doctor has me on (barbituates and others ) plus the natural proggression of dimensia (family common) I have to drink coffee just to remer if I am in the game.