Just joined

Hi I just joined a couple of weeks now. I only want to say hi let everyone now. I enjoy the knockouts games better than the other games. I’m not a great player I make LOTS of mistakes but I have fun. Thank you for reading this. LCG55

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Welcome to RP, have fun at the tables

Hoooot! LCG55 and Welcome to Replay! Glad you are enjoying the site!
Good luck & Good poker!

Welcome and thanks for choosing us! We’re glad to have you. =)

Great to have you on board LCG55! :grin:

Thank you Qu410

hi i am new here.
i have a question?
what are we playing for?
are there cash prizes?
are they any prizes?
just wondering

will if we are playing just for the hell of it, we are not winning anything,
i dont want to play here,
i am a poker player, i like to play.
but i also like to win something a prize or cash at least,
you have a good looikng forum and site. but i like playing real poker.
good luck to you all in your play chip play.
but ill not play here for nothing.

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Greetings(!)’ L