Just go with it

Sometimes, a fella just wants to win a hand…




That’s not really fair
Your opponents were clearly
Blinded by your hair

(constructed using new “Haiku for You!” software)


:rofl: 72o and u showed it too :rofl: yes that fella did really want to win a hand


Well OK, it was a goofy thing to do, but the timings of the preflop action made me think it was a decent spot for a bluff.

Notice how fast the first guy acted. The second was faster, and the third insta called. Clearly, none of them even considered raising. How strong can they be if they didn’t even take a second to consider raising? Not very. (unless they are trapping)

From the BB, with 3 already in, I guess I could have opened a little bigger, but I don’t think that 5 BBs is horrible. At any rate, it was enough to fold out what was possibly the strongest hand preflop.

The flop was great for me. A3s and A4s couldn’t stand much pressure, JJ+ would have probably raised preflop from late position, and the small sets, while possible, didn’t seem that likely. Could I sell an overpair and get Jx to fold? Hmmmmm, probably not.

One should c-bet less often when facing multiple opponents, but the choices were give up or press on, and I wasn’t giving up just yet! I sized up a little to set up a turn shove, but expecting to win the pot right there. That didn’t happen.

The turn wasn’t great, and put possible straight and flush draws on the board. If I had an overpair or set of jacks, I would bet to charge these draws and to protect my hand, so I just let it rip.

To me, the interesting part of this was the preflop bet timing. Yeah, timing tells can be faked, but are generally pretty reliable. Fast limps are even weaker than slow limps, and this just rings my Pavlovian bell. Woof woof, drool, attack. :slight_smile:


I like how you are thinking about how you’d play the hand with the range you were representing. A lot of players in the big blind seem to only attack limpers with a range that is very dense in high pocket pairs. If your perceived range starts to include a lot of high cards though, then the board starts to favor your opponents.

You have a good hand to bluff with in that it is very unlikely to be best at showdown; it is a little less ideal in that it also has very little equity at all when you do get called. Still, it is not always necessary to have outs for bluffing to be profitable.


I think 72o, specifically, is way undervalued in the poker community.

Daniel Negraneau once said, “Everything you do at a poker table conveys information.”

72o is a range disrupter. If you’ve seen me open 72o from the blinds or early position, what range do you put me on when I open from late position?

In a world driven by information, fake news is king.