Just Curious

Hi, I am curious, What makes a site want to keep a free site going? I can’t think what the purpose of it would be for the people running it… Could someone please enlighten me?

Some support the site as they buy chips.


Thank you for replying,
it really doesn’t explain why they make the site free. I mean with all the work it takes to make sure everything is running smooth and all I don’t think it would bring in enough.

You right. But will be.

Marcipan, knows why just won’t tell ya-lol.

You right. I know, and tell you now why. Im with RP and since the day CEO took over, he did great things to the site ( as other staff members ), and will continue to do so.
The last 4-5 years players number close to 10 times more then before. So, not hard to predict the site will grow significantly, especially when HTML5 and mobil play start.
I hope you happy now.

Ok at least you are person enough to come forward and say that, I have
respect for that-have a nice day.

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From what I understand, the CIA funds this site in order to screen and recruit assassins. The top players get extensive training, and are then inserted into foreign nations in order to topple governments that pose a danger to our Western way of life.

Anyway, that’s what I heard.

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I was one of their recruits but failed the physical. Heck it is hard to stand on your head and gargle peanut butter.