Just came second in a tournament! having fun!

I just came second in the Diamond Seekers tournament (50k entry). 69 entrants. It went 90 minutes or more. I had a lot of brilliant fun, but head-to-head was brutal – man, I was tired. The action was so fast, and it was a struggle to “stay with it”. It was relentless.

I don’t think it’s possible to avoid all mistakes, but it’s a part of the game to minimize them.

I’m curious what people think of the following hand. I had Qh8h. After some betting, I flopped 8s, top pair. More betting, then comes a 10.

I bet about a third of the pot. With second pair. I’m not even sure I would call that a semi-bluff. It’s basically just gambling that my opponents don’t have a 10.

It worked out for me this time. I think it’s important to play a little bit edgy like this if you want to win tournaments.

What do you think? Would you have played it differently?

Anyway, I’m celebrating a little bit. My tournament winnings put me over 5 million for the first time. Feels like some kind of achievement. It’s been up and down, two-steps-up, one-step-back kind of progress for a while now. It feels good to have a big win.

I’m sure I’ll lose a piece of it in a minute.

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Well done :+1:t2:


Well done!!!