Joy of poker

So, this last weekend the Senior Poker Tour came to Tunica…$360 to enter which was a little more than I like to pay but they had a $55 satellite on Friday so I set my alarm clock and got to Tunica at 9am for the satellite which was a hoot…not many chips and short blind levels and people who raised UTG w/j8 off…anyway after about 3 and a half hours we are down to 7 players with 6 getting entries to the tournament and 50 dollars when the short stack suggests chopping. The tournament director says he cannot chop the seats and I say well everybody take a seat and give the short stack the $350 …expecting the big stack to say no as he had half the chips on the table. Chip leader is a lucky old man who does not understand and the TD explains it to him and surprise … he agrees…so when he gets his entry he asks for his 350$ and the TD explains he does not get an entry and 350$ which irritates him lol…

The next morning I arrive at 11am register and get my 25000 chips…early on I hit a good hand and move up to around 33000 chips and spend several hours fluctuating between 28000 and 33000 chips…We are playing 45 minute blind levels with a reasonable structure.

I go dry and by 7 pm the blinds are 400/800 and I have less than my starting stack of 25000 chips…the blinds go 800/1600 and I am getting desperate. The gentleman on my left raises to 3200 and I shove with kq…and he shows jj catch a q on the river to double up. I muck a few hands and look down at jj and shove. The guy to my left goes all in and turns over a pair of nines and I double again.

I now have over 100k and we are nearing the end of the day…I bag 106000 and go home.

Sunday I arrive at 11am and unbag my chips. 260 players and 58 are left. I have 40 big blinds and am chip average. Blinds are 1500/3000. My first hand is AK and with my usual aplomb I take it down…and for over an hour I maintain chip average as the short stacks get taken out. I am in the big blind folded to the button who takes his stack of 1000 chips (probably 15 and pushes them out…small blind folds and I look down at my hand…AA and croak “all in”…and he turns over QQ…we are down to 46 players with the money starting at 27 players and I have visions of sugar plums dancing in my eyes…until he flops one of the two queens in the deck…ah, the joy of poker…


OUCH! It happens, but it hurts. At least you got a great story out of it. Good luck next time.


Congratulations County.

You had a very good run. I bet next time you cash.



ouch, nasty beat in the end but it looks like u played well (i assume you were in LP with the KQ?)