Jackpot Sit n Go's

I love sit n go touneys but they don’t seem to be played on Replay very often. I rarely even look at them these days to see if I can get a game. Would Replay be willing to give incentives to the Sit n Go players? Maybe a jackpot for winning 5 in a row or something. Many of the ‘smaller’ real money sites do this. There is a 25,000 jackpot for winning 5 x $5 ten seat Sit n’ Go’s for example. I think there should be more effort put into the Sit n Go tourneys because they are great fun.

Hi deadmansout

I like the idea, thanks for your suggestion. A new set up of rewarding (achievements) is planned. Not sure this is on that list already.

But put it in as Jackpot sounds very atractive for me.

Thanks. Greetings Happiness.