I've never played in a live poker room

would this hand win the bad beat money?

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It would have if your opponent had JJ.

Teah, most poker rooms require you to use both hole cards to qualify. At least i think they do.

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No actually a bad beat is Quads getting beat by either bigger quads or str8 or royal flush and Both cards in hand must be used or if want to get real technical str8 flush beating another str8 flush :slight_smile:

If JJ was in one of hands 9999A > 9999J >9999T (but in this case both get to play J on board so would be split w/both holding 9999J) but A makes this mute anyway lol


I’ve played live poker, both in a league ( it was back when Michael Jackson died to give you perspective) and at the Monday night (pre-pandemic) at the Pool Hall NL Hold em games. But I’ve never set foot in a casino. So anyway, on May the Fourth (Be with you, indeed) Mary, My Beloved Wife had full hip replacement and, as I was after her accident 8/17/19 I will be her Nurse. Hopefully not Ratched, but rather Nightingale. I would be blessed if positivity and love and healing energy be sent Our Way and specifically for the Little Lady. Peace


Every bad beat jackpot I’ve seen requires both hole cards to play for both players in the hand. #733556596 would have qualified in my local casino


Interesting. I saw the very same scenario just this evening in a tournament. The suits were probably different, but it was AA vs KK with the same KKA flop. Probably occurs every ten minutes somewhere on RP.

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Where I play the rules are you must lose with Aces full of queens or higher to get the bad beat jackpot. Of course with all players hole cards playing.

I’ve never won it or even been at the same table where it was won, but it got very close at a table that was next to me once.

Two players all in preflop QQ v KK.

Flop is AAA. This is when I take notice because I start hearing shouting and look over to see what’s happening. It looks like someone is about to win a good chunk of change, the pool was around $100k at the time (50% to losing player, 25% to winner, 25% split among everyone else who was dealt into the hand). The turn is another A, voiding it because both players hole cards don’t play anymore. What a punch in the gut that must have been for someone. Bad beat out of the bad beat jackpot.

There is nothing like the feeling of playing in a live poker room or in a casino. The European ones are the best. Monte Carlo :+1:t2: