Its my time

I really enjoy this site, what gripes me is people complaining when you take your time to call bet or fold.Its not like you taking that long. I dont really know what the time limits are but its not long. So quit with the zzzzzzzzzzzzzz . I think it’s really rude behavior.

As with any place you are there always has to be lemon someone who has to ruin things for the rest of the players my best advice would be for you to play how you are and if someone is being impatient click on there name and mute them so you wont have to see what there saying ,

, patience is virtue some people haven t got that yet :slight_smile: Good Luck

Some people can’t loose fast enough… :smiley:

No if U think U need all the time that U get, it’s your right. So as what beautiful says, if u think it to annoying mute him for Ur self