IT'S BACK: The Replay Rungood Race II, October 2nd-15th

We have a new seasonal promotion coming soon: The Replay Rungood Race!

This isn’t just our biggest ring game promotion yet – it’s the most rewarding event in Replay’s history (so far…). The prize pool is more than 1 BILLION chips!

ALL stake levels from 50/100 upwards and ALL variants will be included (in public ring games with 3+ players). We’re paying out to over 800 players, so don’t miss out on taking a share of the prize pool. Here’s the breakdown:


So what do you need to do? Just keep winning. You’ll earn points for every hand you win in any ring game of your choice.

We hope you enjoy this brand new type of promotion, and will be eager to hear your feedback after the event! Please keep an eye on our promotions page for more details, coming next week.

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It’s off to the races! Ready for another run?

RPOS is underway, but the Replay Rungood Race is coming soon! If you need a refresher on how this event works, take a look at our promotion page here: The Replay Rungood Race II - overview · Replay Poker

Lace up your sneakers and dash over to the tables as October kicks off! We’re excited to see which of our racers can cross the finish line. :running_woman:

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Bumping this for ring game players.

We are heading into some back to back Promotions now the nights are drawing in.

There are the usual favourites during the run in to the New Year, as well as well at least one exciting new one.

Rungood II will begin as RPOS XI ends, so keep on your toes and bag as many chips as you can !