Is this what a bad day looks like?

Bad day in poker, for me it’s the day I don’t make any money on the tables and lose some instead. Yesterday was one such day for me.

So, in the 5hour session that I played, I lost 50BB total. Not a big amount, yes, but there is a reason it’s not 5 Buyin’s instead.

Just so you all know, I only got ■■■■ hands for the most part of the session: hands like 23, 25, 63- I even got them one after another for a whole cycle. If you start getting cards like these on the table then you should understand, luck, it doesn’t favor you today.

Alright enough with the rant and off with the hands.

First one is straight over my 2 pairs. Standard raise with AJ from late pos. standard bets and standard check calls by the villain. I got my 2 pairs on the river, he hit his straight. I guess this one is not that bad. Cause it happens with everyone. I also, thought so.

Second is a flush over flush. I was check-calling and so was the villian. They were min betting, so I saw it as a good opportunity to gain some money. Lost my buy-in. Yes, this one hurt. I did go into tank to think, and I suppose my hands were feeling trigger friendly, while my mind was sending warning signals.

Anyways, I did win the next hand and tripled my buy-in, and it put me in the green, but the rest of the session really tested me.

The third hand I woke up with KK in the mid-last pos. I don’t clearly remember. I raised, got called and flop came all small digits- connected and all hearts. I didn’t have a heart in my hand. Then you know, one of the two callers raised to 30 -which was 1/3 of my stack- the other called, I tanked and folded. The turn was a heart and the second player went all-in. So there’s that.

Then again I was in the last pos. and was facing a raise with AQs. I called, knowing my opponent had AKs. Yes, I knew it. The tables are actually really easy to see through. I still called, regretting my decision from the moment I pressed the button to the moment the flop came, where I folded. The flop was -once again- connected and all diamonds. I folded to another bet. You can say that I was being too nitty. But when you know you can’t make a calling station fold while he’s holding a Diamond. I just gave up. The pre-flop raiser had AK of diamonds. So he had lucked into a monster flop and doubled up from the other player.

Then I changed table, thinking it might change my luck. It didn’t.

Waking with AA from button was a happy occurrence. Raised to 10 on 1/2, got called by two player, The SB is a bluffer through and through. And he doesn’t know how to do it either. He thinks a lot of money is enough and he’s right too. Well, sometimes. So, Flop came 5d7d3h or something, they checked we bet 12 and got called. The turn came a 5 of spades. The SB bet 30. He’s not the one I’m worried about. It’s the other player. He called his bet which was more than 1/3 of his stack. Now, I know on these tables they play anything from anywhere, but they folded a bet of 2 with pairs. Yeah, I folded. Our SB then went all in on the river, got called, and lost to a straight.

Then we had KK in the middle pos. We called a raise because the players were being goofy. They were raising small pre and going more than pot on the flop. I should have raised but I didn’t because I was trapping. I hadn’t raised anything until then and I didn’t want to scare then either.

The flop came 463 of spades. The player to my left went all in. I folded. The player behind me called. I folded because I was tired and unhappy -almost tilting- and I had just lost another buyin to AQ with 77 to the player who had been going all-in with KT,64 and the like. He was just playing bingo. Maybe he wasn’t.

Anyways, the turn was a 5. Both of them had a seven with a spade in hand. I saw some streaks after this hand and then called it a day.

This was my bad day where I could have lost a lot but didn’t thanks to being a nit; or did I make good folds? I don’t know.

So this was my bad day at the poker table. What was yours?

Anyone who insists that these are random cards dealt is not witnessing what other players endure.
I have been playing since Feb/2013 and have 5 mil in the bank. I go to a duck pond table to warm up because my normal tables are full.
First 5 hands that beat me aresomething like: Straight, 3 of a kind, 4 of a kind and another straight. The 5th hand I get King/clubs 10/ clubs and have King high flush on the river. I lose to an Ace high flush!
This has really nothing to do with skill and everything to do with what cards are dealt to you. All the players at the duck pond table were newbee low stakes players and they
continued to slaughter me until I finally left. On the 6th hand there I was dealt a 4/3
off suite. I folded. The flop was 4/4/3…
Yes, this is random, just happens or someone has a real sense of humor.

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