Is this a bug?

I wonder if this is a bug in the software or some strange rule I’m not aware of.

Player RICNEL starts with 15 chips in the blind on my 10 BB, but the betting action continues as if my opponent bet 10.

After the flop I bet 30 and somehow software compensates his overbetting and he calls with just 25.

It looks like a glitch to me, at least on the flop.

Preflop, it looks like he had to post both blinds in order to play the hand. Notice he already had the 15 out, and just checked when the action got to him. I don’t play enough ring games to be sure, but I think there are circumstances where you have to post both blinds.

At the flop, there was 45 total out there, 43 in the pot and 2 as rake. You bet 30 and got called 2 places, which should have added 90 to the total, but it shows 124 in the pot and 6 rake, which is 130 total… 5 less than it should have been.

So yeah, it looks like the system let him call your 30 bet with 25 chips. Very odd, that.

We’re looking into this – thanks for reporting it, @bodzolca!