Is there anyone else playing such poor poker that you have bought chips?

Does anybody know what % of replay poker’s players have actually bought any chips??? I have not …to this point, but would like to because I am on a fairly long losing streak… yet like to play. Is the payment taken secure? Any issues? Anyway, thanks for any feedback. Feeling charitable? I noticed that one can purchase chips “for a friend” in need!!! Wishing you all Good Luck… Tig8211

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It is secure. Replaypoker depend on the chip buyers, no advetisements on the site as you must noticed. Any issues in the past taken very seriously and sorted if any problem. Some delay possible (usually the user bank side ). Try first the “First Purchase Special!”$2 USD , use PAYPAL if any doubt.
Thanks for your support for the site.

I bought some when I first started playing here. Used the “First Purchase Special.” That helped me to get to a point where I actually played well enough to maintain a chip count. Payment is secure and there were no issues whatsoever.

Thanks for the question Tig8211. In terms of how many players have helped support the site by purchasing chips, I don’t have exact figures at hand, but it’s in the minority. Of course, without that minority, we wouldn’t be here having this conversation, so a big shout to everyone who’s helped to keep the lights on! :sunny:

As far as security, we’re obsessive about it. Payments in credit/debit card are processed through Stripe ( - a US, multi-billion dollar company; and of course, we offer PayPal payment. All credit card details are stored with those respective payment providers and not with us, so even more piece of mind.

Any more questions, feel free to drop us an email at

I used to buy chips every month …For a friend…as a means to support the site…they have the" buy for a friend" option …i might again if i ever get back the one month losses( Approx 5 million) that i received many months ago…we’ll see

to tig8211 after my 4,700,000 loss(all in one month ) i think it was feb this year i worked my way back to the current amount replay gives you free chips and if you don’t go Hay wire like i did in feb you too can have a nice bankroll…I’ll never buy chips for myself again but at a certain point i’ll start buying chips for friends like i did before…to support replay …keep my free games going… they gotta keep the lights on…From rgman

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I buy chips. Now i feel like a cheater for paying for them. I do not like to have to depend on free chips. i do the 9.5 mill for 250 dollars. It is a lot cheaper than learning in real money games i your ranking goes thru the roof!!

I am a moderator, love the site and support it financially. And yes I play poor and even sometimes win.

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