Is there a way

Is there a way to invite someone to the table or sit and go game I’m playing?
I know I can just send them a pm, but by the time they see it, the moment is gone…


An excellent suggestion, IMO. There is another site that has this feature and its a handy way to call friends to join you. Since this is a social poker site, I think this a great addition.


would b even better if we could invite them 2 a private table .

Is there a different way to read the postings other than scrolling and scrolling and scrolling (at least the longer threads).

If you click on the time, you will be able to read the latest post of the topic you are interested in.

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on the right of each topic there is a blue bar on the right, you can slide it to all the way you like to see whatever post you wanna read.
and indeed like tiandra mentioned, if you click the time you are immediately at the bottom

I am aware of the available options to get to the bottom of thread. In the longest threads using the slide bar is tedious as it always jumps back up as as you slide it down, often taking many slides to get through and entire thread. I was thinking more along the line of paginating the entries. Enter the page number and jump to it with one action. Or maybe and “End of List” option.

@zmansuncle getting to the end of the list, or even to a certain number, is quite easy.
You see the thread number in the bottom right corner? Right now it should be saying 8/8. You click on that, and a mini slide bar will appear. This slide bar can take you up and down a thread very quickly, no matter how many posts there are. It’s much more convenient to use than the browser slide bar.
This is particularly useful when a thread has hundreds or even thousands of posts.
Hope that helps.

Was unaware of that option. It does help. TY.

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