Is there a way to know?

I’m not real computer savy, but is there a way someone might know what the cards might be after the flop, or before? How can a person raise on Q3, and I have AQ and flop is Q72. I go all in and he calls, hits the 3 on river! Seems like he knew. Just asking!

i dont think there’s any way of knowing what the cards are going to turn or flop its all luck thats what i think

unlikely someone would know, but this has been addressed before and in my opinion, the answer is that chips are essentially free so why not take a chance and bet . . . really not much to lose . . . JMHO

That’s correct, it’s impossible for someone to predict what cards will come up, nor is it possible to see other players cards, it’s the way we designed the software, even the admin are unable to do this. We wanted to build a poker system people could trust, even if it’s just play money, and that’s exactly what we did.