Is there a replay script that gives random players bad luck for weeks on end?


For the past week or so i keep on losing whatever hand i got, straits, flushes and full houses, no matter what, i lose.

Now i know every so now and then someone can have some bad luck but i just came back after a couple of months because then i had weeks of bad luck as well. At first i thought that mayby i chanced my play style and lost because of that but on the pay sites i still do well. Is there a script on replay that gives players bad luck for weeks on end?

Hi pokerkings,

Absolutely not. I know a run of bad luck can be extremely frustrating, but I assure you that’s all that it is. The Replay Poker team plays together once a week and even we experience the same ups and downs, bad beats, etc. I won our very first tournament months ago and haven’t been able to break the top 50% since. (arghs!)

It really makes no sense for us to try and manipulate the game in any way – not from a business perspective, not from a resource perspective, and not the least of which from an ethical perspective. We’re an honest group of hardworking people just trying to make a fun poker game. Hopefully your luck comes back around soon.

Cheers, Lesley