Is there a listing of tournament games by the number of chips to start with

I would like to see the Title of the Games sorted by amount of starting chips i.e. 10,000 25,000 or 50,000. Personally I like the ones with large amounts of starting chips

If you go to the lobby page you can see all games and their buy-in. You can select Buy-in and it will arrange the games to groups of ascending buy-in.


thank you. I knew there was a way.

You can create a list of your favourite tournaments here too.
Go to the lobby page and click on your favourite tournament, a pop up of the chosen game should appear on the right of the screen. In the top corner of that box will be a star icon. Hover over this star and Add To Favorites should appear. Click to add to Favs only list which is located in a tick box :black_square_button: Favs only just above the tournament listings on the lobby page. When you want to find your favourite games simply go to the lobby page and click the box. Sorted… :+1:

Good luck at the tables

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thank you.