Is there a "150K Free Satellite paying out 15K Tournament Tickets" for Europeans?

The past two days I can’t see any at a suitable European time, all I can see is the one for Americans.

On your dashboard page click Lobby
should pop up
Make sure the “All Games” option is selected as your preference.
Located below the RING GAMES button and may show
“All Games’
‘Omaha Hi/lo’
, ‘Royal’.
Click it and select 'All Games”
You can select a whole range of options from here. (start, buy-in, game type, friends playing)
Click “buy-in” once if the arrow next to it is pointing up or twice if the arrow is down and the all Freeroll games come to the top of the list.
Hope this helps.

edit: I generally leave mine on ‘All Games’ and 'Start with the arrow pointing up

Still only the American ones:

no European Freeroll for 15K tickets in my list, can you point to the specific tournaments ?

Looks like those games are already finished.
Go to the lobby page (as above)
Below the ‘All Games’ selection options there is another set of options
Hide Running…Hide Finished … Favs Only
Tick "Hide Finished’ which should get rid of the games already completed.
I’m not in your time zone and dont know what times you like to play so I cant really point to a suitable game for you … sorry…

Sorry I didn’t notice you weren’t a ReplayPoker people. I have all the options and only the 15K Freeroll I mentioned already (6am here, must be 12am ET)

Hi Trickster

The short answer is there is only one daily 150K Freeroll giving out 15k tournament tickets at the moment, the one at midnight / 00:00 ET. We do have two other 150K Freerolls giving out tickets but they give out other value tickets at 06:00 ET (30 x 5K tickets) and 13:00 ET 60 x 2.5K tickets)

If you are interesting in specifically 15K tickets, why not try one of the four Satellites to 15K events spread out in the day?


Hi Rob,

Does “at the moment” mean European and Asian time Freerolls are rolling out shortly?

Concerning your alternative, the satellites to 15K events, I can appreciate a joke, we can tell the difference between a 0 buy-in and a 2K buy-in! I don’t think Americans need this kind of handicap! By the way these satellites are often canceled for lack of participants. I think it says a lot on their attractiveness .

Thank you for your reply to this question Rob, I am closing the topic now.