Is sitting out a valid strategy?

Replay is the first site I have played in where the true rules apply . I have noticed quite a few players sitting out during multi table , and plain 9 or 6 up , and players are sitting out for long periods of game time . I know they cannot win a pot in that state , unless everyone backs off and gifts them a pot but it appears to me it is a golden opportunity to just plain steal their chips whenever they post a blind. Input from any and all would be appreciated .

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Perhaps some players need a longer bathroom break than others or they are playing multiple tables and have to sit out because they bit off more than they could chew.


I thought that sit out was for short breaks only but that is not what I am seeing . Lot of prostate problems out there if your answer strikes true .

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Hahahahahaha, good answer :joy:

Unintentionally I got 2nd place in a 50k with this strategy. Had to leave as chipleader but was a nice surprise when I got the winning 2nd notification.


Just another random thought . When a player sits out they abdicate choice . Why not post/pose a mannequin in the chair ?

Doesn’t work on the higher buy-in tournaments on RP, because the other players will just milk their blinds.

Sometimes if you have a huge stack it could be OK to sit out for a while, but it will come back and bite you on the butt when you fold a pair of aces and lose the opportunity to knock out an opponent before he gets a big stack.

The other night I was playing in a 6 max tournament, and with 7 players left there were 3 players on one table and 4 on the other (3 players on my table, which was deadly as we were of course also on the bubble.)

I suggested to the other 2 players that we just fold every hand until we get to the final table when someone crashes out on the other table. After about 10 minutes, two players crashed out together on the other table, and we were all 3 in the money as there were 5 placed paid.

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Honestly, I think you find it mostly in rebuy tournaments because of what I call the bane of the poker world, the bingo player. You’ve seen them, the guys that shove all chips, all the time, because they know there are rebuys. Granted, I have called Bingo Brats a few times, went over them a lot, and won. Most sit out for the rebuy period. At least that is what I’ve noticed.

I see them in the freeroll MTT’s for new players. I think they just do it to weasel into the prize pool. Eventually they get beat or chips run out.
Some of them only play one or two hands(usually all-in) the whole time and once in the prize pool none or one all-in before they have no chips left.
It annoyed me at first but, apparently it’s not a violation(though I think it should be) and kinda pathetic so not worth being distracted by.

Hi BluffaloKing, I hope you are well. I not sure you should broadcast that decision because it is considered collusion and not in the spirit of the game. A player of your capabilities doesn’t need to do that anyway (but I understand it probably sounded like a good idea at the time lol). Take care mate, see you on the tables.