Is reprogramming phone to linux a good idea?

thinking about changing to linux. is there anybody that has expeience with that. gl gr

Here you go. Give it a try !

defenitely going to get into this. thank you very much. if i got a question i know where to go good luck at the tables

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Thank you and let me know how you made out

depending on your phone/wishes, installing a ROM ie: cyanogen might be a better option?

You really think so?

its been a while, i used cyanogenmod with the LG L3, was a very good “upgrade”

installing linux would make it a nice gadget, but prob loose most of your phones abilities

edit: old info; cyanogen is dead, lineageOS is its successor

Exactly :+1:t2:

sick of android, really appreciated your opions. very helpful. ty

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so lg is a good option?

If you do you won’t have a functioning phone anymore

the main reasons to mod your phone would be a newer android version or to make your phone faster (more private) by getting a light version (no bloat ware)

  • if you are using your phone for banking/crypto you should think twice (and never download outside the official stores)

Don’t do it. It’s dangerous

these are mostly open source projects, if you dont install any apk’s outside the official stores, you should be fine

great way to revive old phones, not having the latest android version is more dangerous