Is RELAY doomed?

you have i assume, seen poker software on various sites? well Relay software is pretty archaic huh? and relies on flash which is no longer an industry standard

perhaps Relay needs to invest in upgrades and modern software or sad… go way of dinosaurs?

I wrote to Replay support a few months ago to ask them if they had a plan for Flash’s end-of-life, and they said they are working on it… It’ll be a major transition and I hope that they are successful. A botched solution could ruin the site.

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Relay? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Use the Install program, and just update as they go

What install program? First I’ve heard of it…

Hi @Bluezzz,

Replay Poker is played on your internet browser. You only need to have Adobe Flash Player in order to play on Replay Poker other then that no download or installation is required to play on Replay Poker.


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Isn’t Adobe going south soon?

It is. But Replay is changing to HTML5 as well at some point.


There is a backgammon site, that you install their program, log in each time you launch the program, then choose any live game from gammon, poker, black jack etc.
Play with free chips, or real money. I would never play for real money with them though.
Their poker section is OK, but same players seem to win all the time, and the timer is exploited by other players cos it ticks over for 30 seconds, if 3 players “play the timer”, thats 1.5 minutes wasted before the first 3 cards are on the table. I do not play there anymore.
But the program is of very good quality, good graphics, fast

No need to download flash…never have had flash till I came here, and I’m staying here…

I won’t name who they are, not sure if I am allowed, but easy to find if ya like backgammon
Just don’t play for real money cos too many red flags on reviews.

Mark978 is right , Replay is a NO-Download site.

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and for Africa that is pretty nice thanks re-play

I used to play on another site until they started forcing me to watch pluto tv in a corner window. Screw them - I’ll play here. Everybody send Replay 2 bucks!

While Replay software may not be the most advanced (and they have been transitioning to HTML for the past 4+ years), I appreciate that no download is required to play. I’m fine with flash, but if Replay made me download a Replay app/client I would never play here again.


A download application or FLASH, I’m no programmer, so I cannot judge the workings.
What I’m saying, or trying to say, the features.
For example as mentioned on another thread, seat allocation. Sure, one can rotate the table to suit your own ergonomics I suppose.

But, lets say a player leaves, and one wants that seat that just became empty. To leave your current seat it seems you have to miss the next turn, wait for the red LEAVE; button to appear, then if lucky click on the empty seat.
Why not have a seperate INSTANT LEAVE red button, and be in time to click on the vacant seat.
It will serve 2 purposes, 1, choice of seat, and 2, if you have a big bank due to winning, it will no longer be exposed…not important though, for some it is.

It;s up to the programmers who make this happen to say if it can be done…maybe FLASH has limitations, maybe not…we don’t know unless one know programming.

please who is that … you got a link? thanks HUGS

Just noticed I have not replied to your reply, u still there ?

yes the backgammon site please

You can use any email addy to make an account, don’t have to be ya real addy…
don’t give them any money either. NONE