Is poker a skill game?

I’m prety new to poker, on line and in general, i would like to think there is a skill, in going ahead as best as possible with the hand you have been delt and the flop thats falls.
Reading the play of others and amounts, I,ve Found some people do not ever require a skill but just bully people with ther stacks, on many occasions inflating the bets only to fold and not following through so the hand cannot be seen when i my self had a better hand at the end, thus some one else with no skill mucked my chance.
I know i fold . its my choice but to think you your have the winning hand with AA and slap your pile in doesn’n seem like skill to me only to win a small amount of chips

That’s why you usually don’t go all-in right away with aces (unless someone already raised and you know they’ll call if you shove) - you want to raise a large enough amount so you’re only facing one or two people then value bet post flop.

That’s called bluffing lol and is a skill in poker.

It’s both luck and skill. The easiest way I like to think of it is that the luck part can give an inexperienced player good results over the short term if their luck is running good.

But for long term success, the more skilled the better. Kenny Rogers wasn’t kidding around when he said you gotta know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em.

Here - on a free chip site (which is quite a fun place to play), luck has an outsized portion of the equation simply due to the varying levels of experience and people that will bet anything because it doesn’t cost them a thing and darn it, they’re having fun - sooooooooo all in with that 72o baby - you get another 2,500 chips tomorrow!

Having said that - there are very skilled players here with the bank to show it (no, I’m not one. I’m not bad, I’d say - I do just fine - but “skilled” isn’t exactly the first term that comes to mind about my game. Patience, maybe (at least most of the time), but not skill. Wait - is patience a skill???

Have fun out there!


This says it all


I think the only people that think that skill is not a big part of poker, are those that play without skill. There is no denying that luck is a large factor in individual hands, but the profile below sums it up nicely:



Poker is a game of patience…skill and patience will win out unless you have a really long run of bad cards

Absolutely a game of skill. The skill:luck ratio is probably something like 99:1. My skill level is very basic, but just the most basic poker skills – while they aren’t enough to turn this pastime into a living - are enough to achieve profitability.

The most basic no-brainer poker 101 skills are:

a. Don’t play every hand. Don’t waste chips. Three quarters of pocket cards are trash. Fact.
b. Pay attention. It’s usually completely obvious if you’re not going to win. If so, fold.
c. Any moron can flop a monster. But shoving all your chips after the flop may not be the best thing to do.

Of course, folding almost every hand for three hours straight is nobody’s idea of fun. But patience, common sense and self-control are skills.

The very good players, who have hundreds of millions of chips (and then some), operate on a skill level that is beyond my understanding.

All games are mostly skill and partly luck. A sports team can be incredibly unlucky and lose a game or two, but it’s impossible for bad luck to determine their fate over a nine-month, forty-game season.


thanks Jabr , great info, I sort of felt this way I have learned a lot of what you say, and have gone from using all the FREE 2,500 chips - to having a pot of 11k on close of the day :pray::full_moon_with_face: when I started off I didn’t know what the value of the hands where LoL :joy: I only play from boredom I don’t have a TV​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: it’s not real money and I get bored when they use all their time to fold or place a bet, like you say spend 3 hours folding my brain works to quick I think LoL .
Thanks again buddy

LoL I’m sure some players are bots / I’ve waited . had good hands and at most I’ve had to share with big potholder’s, having same cards :eyes::crossed_fingers::sunglasses:.
thanks Diamondboy

Playing with free chips is nothing like playing with real money.

“If you continue to work on your game and the skills which are necessary to become a [winning poker player], you won’t need to be lucky to win.”
~ Tom “TIME” Leonard

He really said that.

“Phil is 0% sense and 150%non-sense”
ViperVF80 really said that.

My dad(RIP) would have me laughing hysterically commenting while listening/watching Phil play.

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I concur !!